tea leaves

TIP: the closer the symbol to the top of the cup, the sooner the event is to take place. The more defined the symbol, the stronger the impact on the person’s life.


Oak Tree.—This is a good omen of wealth, strength, and attainment of cherished hopes; for a lover, it predicts happiness and prosperity in marriage.
Oar.—Sport; amusements; a broken oar denotes recklessness for which you will pay dearly; for a lover or husband, this means affliction.
Obelisk.—This foreshows honor and wealth.
Oil-Can.—Work and worry are foretold by this sign.
Onions.—You may expect that something which you supposed was a secret will be discovered, possibly through treacherous friends.
Opera-Glasses.—You are in danger of losing the confidence of your friends because of your inquisitive questions.
Orchids.—These give a pleasing assurance of coming good fortune and a life of ease and wealth.
Organ.—This must be read in connection with other signs around it; sometimes it means a wedding, death, or realised ambition; to a musician, it is a good omen of achievement. See also Barrel Organ.
Ostrich.—This symbol points to achievement in creative work; if running, you may look for startling news and rumours of public upheavals.
Otter.—You must expect to receive a disagreeable shock through some unpleasant spite on the part of those of whom you have always thought well, and regarded as loyal and affectionate friends.
Overcoat.—You may expect to have changes in your life and become of much importance.
Owl.—A bad omen of illness, misfortune, and poverty; if flying, you will receive tidings of grief; to lovers this bird is a symbol of bad news or unpleasant rumours; to those who are contemplating new work or enterprise the owl should be regarded as a warning to proceed with caution.
Ox.—An ox in his stall implies hospitality, domestic peace and abundance.
Oysters.—These are a sign of enjoyment and expensive tastes, also that you will appreciate the pleasures of life more in your later years than in your youthful days.


Padlock.—An open padlock means a surprise; a closed one, a need for precaution.
Pagoda.—Foreign travels.
Pail.—You will be called upon to undertake a variety of things which you dislike.
Pails on Yoke.—In the future you may hope for compensation for past trials and weariness.
Palace.—This portends good fortune and favours.
Palette.—A hopeful sign of success to an artist or to those associated with one; to others, it suggests a need for deliberation and advice before embarking upon a new work or enterprise.
Palm Tree.—This is a symbol of honour, fame, and victory; increase of wealth, love, and marriage.
Pampas Grass.—This is a sign that you will make a pathetic endeavour to find happiness in a life which is cast in a somewhat dreary lot.
Pan and His Pipes.—A most cheering symbol which gives an assurance of happiness, future prosperity, and delight.
Pansy.—This flower is a symbol of understanding, modesty, and contentment; it is also a pleasant indication of faithful friends and happy days.
Panther.—You may expect to be shocked at the treacherous behaviour of a friend whom you had always regarded as honourable.
Paradise.—See Bird of Paradise.
Parallel Lines.—These predict well-thought-out and smoothly running plans.
Parcels.—These are shown by thick, square or round leaves.
Parrot.—This is a sign of foreign travel, the making of many friends, and much mental energy; sometimes it gives a hint that there is an inclination to gossip and spread scandal.
Parsley.—Small events will bring you satisfaction.
Peacock.—A sign of the acquisition of property; a prosperous and happy marriage; with other signs, an unfortunate friendship.
Peaked Cap.—The arrival of a male visitor.
Pears.—Improved social condition and other advantages; this fruit brings success to a business man and to a woman a rich husband; one pear signifies a birth or new plans.
Pedestrian.—An important appointment or urgent business.
Pelican.—This bird is a symbol of loneliness, separation, and yearning for the unattainable; if it is flying you will receive news from those who are far away in isolated parts of the world.
Pen.—See Quill Pen.
Penguin.—This strange bird indicates interesting news of expeditions and discoveries in the northern regions. 
Penknife.—This is an unfortunate symbol of enmity, disloyalty, and jealousy.
Peonies.—You will probably be called upon to make a decision of much importance before another summer is past; broken peonies predict that you may possibly throw away your chance of happiness by coming to a wrong conclusion.
Pepper-Pot.—This means vexation and unreasonable irritation which you will endeavour to conceal.
Perambulator.—News of a birth.
Pestle.—A sign of decisive measures; a remedy for a grievance or an ill.
Pheasant.—Good fortune; new friends; if flying, speedy and propitious news.
Piano.—This is a sign that you will make the most of your opportunities and will gain that for which you have aimed; to musicians, a sign of advancement.
Pickaxe.—This sign proclaims labour troubles and strikes.
Pig.—This assures you of gain and success in agricultural interests; it also denotes that you may expect a present of money or a legacy.
Pigeons.—These show reconciliation with someone dear to you from whom you have been estranged; if flying, important and pleasant news is on its way; if stationary, delay in the arrival of important news.
Pillar.—A symbol of strength, protection from danger, and of good and powerful friends; a broken pillar predicts sorrow and despair.
Pillar Box.—Important or specially interesting correspondence is the meaning of this sign.
Pincers.—A painful experience; an injury; toothache.
Pincushion.—Thrift, order, and a well-regulated household.
Pineapple.—A pleasing indication of wealth, rich friends, and good presents.
Pine Trees.—Happiness followed by an aftermath of regret.
Pipe.—A visit from a dear friend; several pipes foreshow news from a man who is much in your thoughts. See also Meerschaum Pipe, Pan and His Pipes.
Pistol.—An ominous warning of disaster; with other bad signs, of a violent death.
Pitcher.—This shows an endeavour to relieve a rather dull and monotonous life, by throwing your energy into somewhat unnecessary work.
Pitchfork.—A sign that you are apt to stir up feud, and make peace and quiet impossible.
Plate.—For the present, you will merely jog along in an ordinary way.
Playing Cards.—See Ace of Clubs, Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Hearts, and Ace of Spades.
Plough.—You must expect to go through toil and frustration before you finally conquer your difficulties and achieve triumph.
Plum Pudding.—This denotes festivity and cheerfulness.
Plums.—These foretell a new development of plans.
Polar Bear.—This sign means a journey to a cold climate.
Policeman.—This tells you to beware of theft and underhand practices; with other signs, it would indicate trouble probably caused by those with whom you are most closely associated.
Pope.—Unexpected gain and future happiness are foretold by this sign.
Poppy.—This flower is significant of a pleasant occurrence in the early summer.
Porter and Truck.—This indicates a pending journey or the arrival of a traveller.
Post.—This signifies a formidable obstacle; if broken, that you will encounter a storm of opposition to your plan.
Postman.—Important and profitable news.
Pot.—See Coffee Pot.
Potato.—You will have need of patience in your daily life, and will sometimes be troubled by pecuniary difficulties.
Prancing Lamb.—This is a symbol of trouble which will have beneficial results and will lead to contentment and happiness.
Prawns.—These bring pleasures, presents and satisfactory arrangements.
Prince of Wales’ Plumes.—This is a symbol of pleasant events, stirring topics and sometimes of personal honour and distinction.
Pudding.—See Plum Pudding.
Puffin.—This bird denotes timidity and a desire for solitude; if flying, news from abroad.
Pulpit.—A love of talking and a dislike to listening is the meaning of this symbol.
Pump.—Your own efforts will bring about a fortunate result.
Punch-and-Judy.—You will read, or hear, of a sensational case in married life.
Purse.—This cautions you against theft, or carelessness that may lead to losing money.
Pyramids.—These foreshow attainment to honour, fame and wealth.


Queen.—A queen upon her throne indicates security, peace, and honour; sometimes the attainment to a high position through powerful friends.
Query.—This shows doubt, indecision; if this sign were seen with a letter the doubt would be with regard to some correspondence; if with a journey, uncertainty about it; and so on.
Quill Pen.—This shows that you may expect, before long, to sign your maiden name for the last time in a marriage register; with other signs, a legal document.
Quoits.—This sign indicates a journey to the country on pleasure.


Rabbit.—An indication of illness for a child; a dead rabbit means domestic duties which will bore you, sometimes financial worry; several rabbits suggest that you must depend upon your own efforts for your amusements and must be content with simple ones; a rabbit on its hind legs predicts that a new plan or idea will bring you great success.
Rag Doll.—This implies a simplicity that sometimes verges on folly.
Railway Signal.—This symbol may be seen at “danger” or “all clear.” Its meaning must be read in accordance with other signs.
Ram.—An unpleasant person whom you would do well to avoid is indicated by this sign.
Rake.—This implement denotes a persevering nature which should bring you a liberal measure of success in whatever you undertake; it also indicates luck in speculation.
Rat.—Treachery and other impending troubles, are foreshown by this unpleasant symbol.
Raven.—This bird is an omen of gloom and despondency, disappointment in love, separation, failure in work; it is also a symbol of death for the aged.
Razor.—Quarrels, also a warning against interference in other people’s affairs; to lovers this sign foretells disagreement and separation.
Red-Hot Poker.—This flower suggests that you are likely to bring yourself within the range of unpleasant criticism by your flaunting manner.
Reptile.—This is a bad omen of coming misfortune, treachery, or illness.
Rhinoceros.—This animal denotes a risky proceeding into which you plunge without hesitation, although your friends and relations will try to persuade you to give up your scheme, but your indifference to the opinion of others prevents any chance of their being successful.
Rider.—This brings good news from overseas of business and financial affairs.
Rifle.—Strife and calamity are shown by this sign.
Ring.—With dots around, a contract or a business transaction; with the figures of a man and woman, an engagement or wedding is foretold.
River.—A sign of trouble and perplexity, sometimes illness and bereavement.
Robin.—A symbol of much good fortune, loyal friends, and happiness in love.
Rocket.—This foretells joy and gladness at some event about to happen.
Rocking Chair.—This indicates contemplation of a new idea or scheme about which you are somewhat doubtful. 
Rocking Horse.—Happy associations will be renewed; pleasure with children.
Rocks.—These prepare you for alarms and agitation, but if good signs appear, you will eventually find a smooth path through your fife.
Roller.—See Garden Roller.
Rolling Pin.—This is an indication that you will be capable of smoothing out your difficulties and will usually find an easy path in which to tread.
Rose.—A token of good fortune, joy, and love.
Rosemary.—Memories of the past will mar your future.
Running Figures.—You may expect an emergency in which you will need to have all your wits about you; sometimes this signifies urgent messages.