tea leave symbols

Anyone can learn the art of tea leaf reading without having psychic ability, just by learning the symbols and committing them to memory.


Eagle.—This predicts that you may expect most beneficial changes, the realization of a long-cherished hope, and possibly an inheritance of wealth from an unexpected source; a flying eagle shows the coming of wealth and honour after a change of residence; with a vulture, death of a monarch; a dead eagle, public loss and mourning.
Eagle’s Nest.—An eagle on its nest foretells association with those in places of authority and honour; it also denotes a life of wealth and ease.
Ear.—A large ear shows that you will be shocked by hearing of some scandal or abuse; a normal ear means that you will receive some interesting and pleasant piece of news or valuable information.
Ear-rings.—To a man this symbol proclaims the displeasure of one of the opposite sex; to a woman, the humiliation of unrequited affection.
Earwig.—A sign of uncomfortable discoveries in the home, troubles with domestics, deceit and prying.
Easel.—A sign of marriage to widows and maids; to the married, increase of worldly goods; this symbol must be read in connection with other indications in the cup.
Eels.—This is an unpleasant symbol meaning malicious tongues and treacherous friends, also gossip over money matters.
Egg-Cup.—A sign of an escape from a threatened disaster.
Eggs.—New plans and ideas, or a birth.
Elephant.—A sign of power, travel, promotion, happiness and stability in love and friendship.
Elf.—This symbol should put you on your guard or you may be the victim of an unpleasant practical joke. 
Elm Tree.—A good omen of prosperity and coming happiness.
Emu.—Lack of caution will not be one of your failings.
Engine.—Journeys, trouble on the railway, strikes, accident, and hasty news are the meanings of this symbol.
Ensign.—See Flag.
Escape.—See Fire Escape.
Extinguisher.—See Candle Extinguisher.
Eye.—This signifies penetration and the solving of difficulties; it also shows depth of character and love.
Eyeglasses.—You will make a beneficial discovery through surprising means.



Faces.—Several of these denote an invitation to a party or wedding; ugly faces mean disturbances or bad news; pretty faces, pleasure and love; two faces upon one head, looking diverse ways, indicate that you may hear yourself accused of deception and falseness, or that these things may be practised upon you; a bearded face, health and strength, but an indolent nature, which is a source of vexation to those around you.
Falcon.—This bird warns you to be on your guard, for you have an enemy.
Fan.—Love of admiration, frivolity, pleasure with the opposite sex.
Fate.—This is indicated by a straight thin line of tea leaves which ascends towards the consultant; what may be expected of fate must be judged by the line itself and other signs in the cup.
Feathers.—Large feathers signify achievement and prosperity; to authors, literary success; small feathers denote something of which you are afraid, but which you will meet with courage.
Feet.—You will be called upon to take a decisive step in some matter which may lead up to an eventful change in your life.
Fence.—This means that there is but a step between you and success.
Fender.—You will constantly come in contact with someone to whom you feel a strong antipathy.
Ferns.—Dignity, peace, and steadfast love are the meanings of this symbol.
Ferret.—Jealousy and enmity are likely to cause you distress.
Ferry-Boat.—This symbol implies that difficulties will be smoothed away for you by the aid of good and useful friends.
Field Marshal’s Hat.—To a soldier, or those who are associated with them, this is a sign of coming promotion, triumph, and of the attainment to honour.
Figs.—These indicate joy and abundance of the good things of this world; to those in business it is an omen of success and prosperity.
Figurehead of a Ship.—A good omen for your future Welfare; this symbol predicts that you will be enabled to steer your course through smooth waters.
Figures.—See Numbers, Human Figures, Running Figures.
Finger.—This usually indicates a special need for attention to be paid to adjoining symbols.
Fire-Engine.—An evidence of a serious fire of which you will hear or from which you will suffer; this must be judged by other indications in the cup.
Fire-Escape.—An urgent warning to take all precautions against fire.
Fireplace.—Your chief interests in life will probably lie in your home; small duties, simple pleasures, and a circle of friends.
Fish.—News from abroad; with other signs of movement, emigration; a starfish is a sign of good luck.
Flag.—Danger, rebellion, and war are the meanings of this symbol.
Flower-Border.—That for which you have long hoped and waited is about to come to pass.
Flowers.—Many pleasant meanings may be given to this symbol, good fortune, happiness, love, marriage, and a large circle of admiring friends, being among them. See also Basket of Flowers, Foxgloves, Lily, Forget-me-not.
Fly.—This signifies small vexations and annoyances which will ruffle you considerably. See also Bluebottle Fly, Dragon Fly.
Font.—News of a birth or an invitation to a christening party.
Foot.—This indicates a journey; a swollen foot, injury, or news of an accident to the foot.
Football.—Love of outdoor games, or a keen interest in the welfare of those who take part in them, is shown by this symbol.
Forge.—This implies a need for refinement and of reconstructing your ideas on many subjects.
Forget-me-not.—This flower speaks of the attainment of a cherished hope, also that you will probably find your truest happiness in love and marriage.
Fork.—This warns you against those who constantly flatter you; it would be well for you to be on your guard or you may one day awake to the fact that all this flattery was used as a tool to harm you.
Fountain.—A most favourable omen foretelling happiness, success in love and marriage, prosperity in business, and good fortune in all you undertake; this symbol also points to an unexpected legacy.
Fox.—This denotes that you may have an unsuspected enemy, possibly disloyal dependents; sometimes it means theft and trickery.
Foxgloves.—These show ambition and attainment; if broken or bending, defeated plans and hopes.
Frog.—A change of residence; with other signs, new work or profession; with bad symbols around, unpleasant sights and stories.
Fruit.—A happy sign of forthcoming prosperity and general advancement.


Gaiters.—Your chief interests will be in outdoor work and amusements; intellectual pursuits will not attract you; to clergy, or to those associated with them, gaiters indicate promotion.
Gallows.—An omen of great distress and tragedy.
Garden Roller.—An indication that things around you are liable to become somewhat unmanageable, and that you will need tact and strength to avoid being crushed by circumstances.
Garland.—A sign of happiness, love and honour.
Garters.—A contempt for feminine weakness is the meaning of this sign.
Gate.—An excellent opportunity awaits you, perhaps the chance of a lifetime; massive high gates denote restriction, misery, or imprisonment.
Geese.—These indicate the arrival of unexpected and rather troublesome visitors.
Gentian.—A memory which is interwoven with sorrow and joy.
Geranium.—This flower shows a strong will and determined character, contentment, and happiness; it also denotes two opposite natures who have a great bond of affection between them.
Giant.—There is, or will be, a serious obstacle in your path.
Gimlet.—You will be unpleasantly reminded of a disagreeable fact.
Giraffe.—You are apt to cause mischief through blundering and the making of incorrect statements.
Gladioli.—These flowers indicate courage in the face of difficulty; hope and tenderness.
Glasses.—These show that you will entertain your friends on a lavish scale, and delight in hospitality, but will occasionally be confronted by difficulties in your arrangements. See also Champagne Glass, Custard-Glasses, Eyeglasses, Hand Glass.
Gleaner.—You will always endeavour to make the best of the circumstances in which you find yourself but will seldom possess the most desirable things in life.
Goat.—A new enterprise which has an element of risk about it; a goat is an unfortunate sign to sailors or to those connected with them.
Golf Clubs.—These indicate a life so full of work that there is but little leisure for recreation.
Gondola.—A visit to Italy, or a romance are the meanings of this sign.
Gong-and-Stick.—This symbol warns you to expect little else than the “trivial round and common task” for the present.
Goose.—A venture needing much discussion and arrangement; plans are made only to be upset again, and unless you proceed with caution, you are likely to make a bad mistake.
Gramophone.—This usually portends vexation at being drawn into a somewhat disorderly and noisy pleasure.
Grapes.—These signify pleasure, abundance, fulfilment, and a life free from care.
Grasshoppers.—These insects give warning of a poor harvest season; for an old person the risk of chill leading to severe illness.
Grave.—This symbol must be read in accordance with its position, also with reference to other signs in the cup; as a general rule, with gloomy signs it would bring a message of coming sorrow, or with cheerful symbols that a death would benefit the consultant.
Greyhound.—This sign stands for energy and untiring activity which will bring you unqualified success; it also denotes that you may expect favourable tidings of the result of a new enterprise.
Grindstone.—The aftermath of an indiscretion.
Guitar.—This symbol displays strong power of attraction for the opposite sex, also pleasant adventures ending in a happy love affair.
Gun.—A very disquieting symbol, grave danger of a sudden calamity; with other bad signs, a violent death.