tea leaf symbols

tea leaf symbols


Laburnum Tree.—A sign of delight and the fulfilment of a cherished hope, probably occurring in the spring.
Ladder.—This signifies advancement, influential friends, and the attainment of good fortune.
Lamb.—An indication that you will be amazed by the success of a doubtful undertaking. See also Prancing Lamb.
Lamp.—This sign provides an assurance of good success in business. See also Street Lamp.
Lantern.—This shows that fear and doubt will mar your happiness and progress. See also Chinese Lantern.
Laurel.—This tree points to power, ability and health.
Leaves.—Prosperous results of your diligence, new friends, and satisfaction.
Leek.—This implies that you are anxious to come to the root of some matter of which at present you have only an inkling; with good signs around, you may expect to come to a satisfactory understanding.
Leg.—This foretells a successful race with fortune.
Leg of Mutton.—Depression and pecuniary worries is the meaning of this sign.
Leopard.—This animal foreshows triumph over adverse circumstances or an evil report;two leopards, fortune and misfortune following each other in quick succession.
Letters.—These are shown by oblong or square tea-leaves, initials near give the name of the writer; with dots around they will contain money.
Lettuce.—This shows sleeplessness, possibly from the receiving of some perturbing news.
Lighthouse.—A good sign of security and of light on your path whenever it is most needed; if crooked or broken, disaster at sea.
Lightning.—Forked lightning seen in a zig-zag up the side of the cup shows bad weather conditions; if near the figure of a man or woman, it may possibly indicate death from lightning or electrical mechanism; if seen at the bottom of the cup and with a clear space indicating water, it would mean bad storms abroad causing damage and loss.
Lilac.—This is an emblem of radiant happiness; joys shared with another, with whom there is perfect oneness of purpose and love.
Lily-of-the-Valley.—A fortunate omen of realisation, love, and marriage. See also Arum Lily, Belladonna Lily, Madonna Lily, Harrissi Lily, Water Lily.
Limpets.—These denote that you endeavour to wrest from others some valuable secret which they possess, but without success; limpets are a sign of good luck to fishermen and promise a big haul of fish.
Lines of Dots.—These indicate journeys and their probable length and direction; to be read in connection with other signs of movement; wavy lines mean tiresome journeys or difficulties likely to be encountered; if the lines ascend sharply to the brim of the cup, a journey to a hilly country will be taken.
Lion.—One of the most fortunate symbols indicating high hopes and excellent prospects, association with distinguished persons, honour, and fame.
Lizard.—This suggests treachery and the probability of a plot being laid against you by false and deceitful friends.
Lobster.—A pleasant event, or a good present, is shown by this symbol.
Lock and Key.—You are warned against the loss of something which you value.
Looking-Glass.—This implies a desire to know the truth, even if it be unpleasant to you.
Lord Mayor’s Coach.—You will receive a good offer from an unexpected quarter.
Lute.—This is a sign of a secret sadness of which those around you know nothing; to musicians, a good omen of success.
Lynx.—To the married a bad omen of estrangement, possibly divorce; to others it denotes treachery or episodes of a painful nature.


Macaroni.—This proclaims the sad fact that you must endeavour to make sixpence do the work of a shilling.
Mace.—Promotion, a position of authority and achievement.
Machine.—See Automatic Machine.
Madonna Lily.—This flower means perfection and peace, and the assurance of love and truth.
Magnet.—You will be drawn by an irresistible attraction towards someone for whom you will eventually feel more dislike than affection.
Magnifying Glass.—You are given to such exaggeration that it amounts to untruthfulness.
Magnolia.—This tree brings calm and peaceful conditions after a time of unrest.
Magpie.—”One for sorrow, two for mirth, three for a wedding, four for a birth”; this ancient saying well explains the meaning of seeing magpies in the tea-leaves.
Mahl Stick.—See Artist’s Mahl Stick.
Mallet.—You will arrive at a wise conclusion in a difficult matter. See also Croquet Mallet.
Maltese Cross.—You will emerge from one source of vexation or trouble only to fall into another.
Man.—You may expect a visitor.
Man Carrying a Burden.—An unhappy marriage or an unfortunate love affair.
Man Carrying Mace.—This points to personal promotion or the advancement of someone dear to you.
Man Speaking from a Platform.—Public news or developments which will specially interest or concern you. 
Marrow.—See Vegetable Marrow.
Mars.—This sign will often be seen, and indicates a courageous, energetic nature, fond of exploits and freedom, and shows a capacity for strenuous work; a fortunate symbol for a soldier.
Mask.—For a lover, this predicts that unpleasant facts will come to light, of which at present there is no suspicion, leading to an abrupt ending of the love affair.
Mass of Leaves.—Arrivals and departures about which there are little difficulties.
Mast.—This symbol must be read in connection with the surrounding signs.
Mastiff.—This dog warns you of an unexpected emergency in which there is danger of your being overpowered by the arguments of those who are masterful.
Maypole.—This shows that you find but little satisfaction in your amusements and gaiety; for whilst you appear to enter into them in a light-hearted manner, you are craving for further excitement.
May Tree.—This signifies the receiving of a joyous message.
Meat.—A sign of financial worry.
Meat Cover.—An unpleasant emergency or discovery.
Medal.—You will be rewarded for past industry by future prosperity.
Medicine Bottle.—An unpleasant sign of illness.
Medlar.—This tree predicts a condition of transient happiness.
Meerschaum Pipe.—You will be disturbed by some news from a man who has much influence in your life.
Melon.—This means gratification and good news, and the deriving of much pleasure from the appreciation of those whose good opinion is of value to you.
Mercury.—This planet is constantly seen in the tea-leaves and is a symbol of ceaseless activity of striving to attain great things; it also indicates good business capacity.
Mermaid.—To those associated with the sea, this is a warning of shipwreck or other peril.
Merrythought.—The attainment of a wish or small pleasure.
Mice.—These indicate danger of poverty through fraud or theft.
Milk-Cans.—These show an agricultural enterprise that will be to your advantage.
Milk-Churn.—A good emblem of future comfort and increased happiness.
Milking-Stool.—A new venture about which you will feel somewhat dubious but which with care will be carried out successfully.
Mine-Shaft.—This is a hopeful sign of coming peace after a time of discontent amongst miners, or a coal strike.
Mirror.—Prophetic dreams; a love of truth.
Mistletoe.—This signifies that a cherished hope is unlikely to be fulfilled, or at any rate it will only be after many months have passed, and when you have become weary of waiting.
Mitre.—A prediction of honour and promotion for a clergyman.
Monk.—Religious controversy and disturbances.
Monkey.—This is an unpleasant indication that ugly rumours and scandal will be spread about you or yours; sometimes public notoriety; with other signs, it foreshows grief and pain.
Monkey-on-Organ.—Difficult circumstances and a hard struggle are the meanings of this sign.
Monkey Puzzle Tree.—A task lies before you which you will find hard, but for which you will afterwards be rewarded by meeting with great success.
Monograms.—These will often be found in the tea-leaves and will indicate someone of much importance in your life, whose initials are shown by the monogram.
Monument.—Someone in whose career you are much interested will rise to fame.
Moon.—A crescent moon denotes good news, fortune, and romance; for a man it predicts public recognition and honour.
Mortar.—A sign of gloom, illness, emergencies.
Motor Car.—Short journeys by road or rail, visits from friends; with other signs, some increase of fortune may be expected.
Mountain.—This gives promise of the realisation of a great ambition and of the influence of powerful friends; many mountains indicate obstructions and sometimes powerful enemies in your career.
Mounted Horseman.—A sign of good friends, luck, and advantageous offers.
Mouse.—This invariably indicates that there is need for a trap to be set; it also gives warning that domestic worries are to be expected.
Muff.—This implies caprice and ostentation.
Mug.—This symbol predicts a merry meeting.
Mushroom.—This predicts that you will take a small risk and achieve a great success; to lovers, it foreshows a quarrel and possibly a broken engagement.
Music Conductor.—A good sign to a musician; to others it suggests that enthusiasm and good spirits will carry them through life very happily.
Mutton Chop.—Fruitless discussion or indisposition are the meanings of this sign. See also Leg of Mutton.
Myrtle Tree.—This speaks of affection and peace; a declaration of love, and a happy marriage.


Nail.—Toothache and painful dentistry are foreshown by this sign.
Names.—To see the name of a person or place, signifies events occurring in connection with such person or place; if good symbols appear, pleasant happenings may be expected; if gloomy signs, then trouble will arise associated with the name seen.
Narcissus.—This flower shows sentiment and coming joy; also that some new idea will unfold itself to you in the spring and will prove to be of much advantage to you.
Native with “Tom-Tom”.—This foreshows news of disturbance in India or news of a personal nature which will cause anxiety.
Necklace.—A good present or money; a broken necklace shows that you will break a bond which you have grown to feel is unendurable.
Needles.—These denote mischief and deceit; sometimes disappointment in love.
Neptune.—This planetary symbol indicates a condition of chaos.
Nest.—See Bird’s Nest, Eagle’s Nest.
Net.—Toil or anxiety followed by amazing achievement and good fortune.
Ninepins.—These show a mind determined to gain success whatever the cost in drudgery.
Nose.—A large nose denotes dissipation; a crooked one shows a wayward and untrustworthy character; a long, thin nose implies that you change your ideas on various subjects and alter your mode of life in accordance with your new ideas.
Nosegay.—See Bouquet.
Notice-Board.—Your attention will be called to some fact which it will be to your advantage to learn.
Numbers.—These are frequently found in the tea-leaves, and must be read in conjunction with surrounding symbols. If the consultant has a lucky number, and this appears with good signs, it promises much success. An unlucky number with gloomy signs predicts misfortune. A journey with a five near obviously points out that it will be taken in five days, or weeks, and so on. Ten dots, close together, means ten pounds or shillings, according to the size and number of the dots. Numbers with the symbol of a legacy show the amount to be expected.
Nun.—This is a sign that you will probably remain unmarried through your own choice; to the married it implies unjust suspicion.
Nurse.—A nurse in uniform usually foretells illness for yourself or for someone dear to you.
Nut-Crackers.—This portends that you will strive to solve a difficult problem, the result of which is of much importance to you.
Nuts.—Gratified ambition and wealth are indicated by nuts.