meaning of leaves


Sack.—This predicts an unlooked for event which will turn out to be most fortunate.
Saddle.—The successful solving of a troublesome matter is the meaning of this sign.
Sailor.—You may expect news from overseas of an interesting nature.
Salmon Jumping in a Pool.—This is a fortunate sign of propitious news which will mean a great deal to you.
Sandwich Man.—After a time of irksome tasks and pecuniary worry, you will be rewarded by a time of ease and wealth.
Saucepan.—This is an indication that many troubles will befall you, and your courage will be tested in meeting them.
Sausages.—These show complaints or affliction.
Saw.—Interference which will bring a good deal of trouble upon you, is signified by a saw.
Scaffold.—This signifies that you will enter into a rash speculation.
Scales.—This symbol stands for legal proceedings.
Scarecrow.—This warns you to avoid interfering in the private affairs of others, or you may find that you will receive the cold shoulder from them.
Sceptre.—This is a fortunate sign of distinction and honour.
Scimitar.—You will hear of murders, horrible treachery, and riots.
Scissors.—An unlucky sign of friction between friends; disputing and disagreeableness with married couples; quarrels between lovers; trouble in business.
Scoop.—See Coal Scoop.
Screw.—With a little ingenuity and perseverance, you will arrive at that for which you aim.
Screw-Spanner.—Troublesome affairs and vexations are before you.
Scuttle.—See Coal Scuttle.
Scythe.—This sign foreshows grief and pain.
Seagull.—A sign of storms; if flying, news from abroad.
Seakale.—A satisfactory conclusion to a vexed question is the meaning of this symbol.
Seal.—An indication that a considerable amount of patience will be necessary before your hopes are realised, but eventually you will gain success and wealth.
Sealing-Wax.—Theoretically you are wise, but you seldom bring your wisdom to bear on practical matters.
See-Saw.—Unless you endeavour to become more decisive and reliable, you will lose any good opportunities which may come your way.
Seaweed.—This denotes a joy in the past of which only the memory remains.
Shamrock.—A sign of good luck.
Shark.—An ominous sign of death.
Shaving-Brush.—This sign suggests that you are apt to turn molehills into mountains.
Sheep.—To landowners or those engaged in any agricultural pursuits sheep are an omen of success and prosperous dealing; to others this sign implies that they will receive assistance from unexpected quarters.
Shell.—Good luck from an unexpected source; with other signs, a visit to the seaside.
Shepherd.—The appearance of this symbol warns you against taking unnecessary risks in all matters.
Ship.—News from distant lands; a successful journey; a voyage.
Shirt.—This sign is considered an omen of good fortune.
Shoes.—These indicate speedy new arrangements which are likely to turn out extremely well.
Shrimping Net.—Pleasures and amusements, unconventionality, and good spirits.
Shutters.—This sign proclaims the fact that there is need for secrecy, and that there may be things in your life of which you trust nothing will be known.
Sickle.—A sign that you will experience sorrow and pain through the callous behaviour of someone you love.
Signpost.—This symbol must be read in conjunction with surrounding symbols; it usually emphasises the importance of other signs; a broken signpost indicates, that you take a wrong turning in your life and afterwards have much cause to regret it.
Skeleton.—This implies a feeling of disgust at some information which is told to you and which you are asked not to reveal.
Skipping Rope.—Pleasure with children and popularity with them.
Sleigh.—A spell of cold weather; an interesting event or piece of news to be expected in the winter.
Slug.—Petty annoyances; bad weather.
Snail.—This is a sign of infidelity; several snails, that mischief is going on around you of which you are unaware.
Snake.—This is an unpleasant sign of treachery, disloyalty, and hidden danger, sometimes caused by those whom you least suspect; if its head is raised, injury by the malice of a man is predicted; it is also an indication of misfortune and illness.
Snipe.—This bird signifies the discovery of a useful fact; if flying, hasty news of a great friend.
Snowdrops.—These are a symbol of youth and innocence; this sign may point to some event affecting you and yours which will probably take place about February; if seen in a cross it would foreshow the death of an infant or young child.
Soap.—Cakes or blocks of soap predict temporary trouble in business.
Soap Bubbles.—See Child Blowing Soap Bubbles.
Sofa.—This foreshows indisposition or a small illness, sometimes disturbed nights or emergencies.
Soldier.—This signifies that you may count upon the loyalty and affection of your friends; sometimes it indicates that you may expect speedy news of a soldier.
Solomon’s Seal.—This plant is a symbol of understanding, devotion, and coming joy.
Soup Ladle.—It will be through the assistance of others that you will arrive at success.
Soup Tureen.—To the mature, this symbol points to a return of good fortune; to the young, a small illness and loss of appetite.
Spade.—This means toil, care, unrest, disappointment, and failure. See Ace of Spades.
Spanner.—See Screw Spanner.
Sphinx.—This denotes that your hopes will be set on things far beyond your reach, and that as nothing but the very best in life has any attraction for you, it is improbable that you will ever attain to complete happiness.
Spider.—You may expect to receive an inheritance; with other signs, that you will be triumphant in disputed will or money settlement; several spiders foretell profitable transactions, sometimes a heritage of much wealth.
Spur.—This symbol foretells that as the result of endurance and honest labour you will attain to honour.
Square.—This formed of dotted lines indicates perplexity and dismay, and endeavour to extricate yourself from an embarrassing situation.
Squirrel.—This is a sign of contentment and cheerfulness; although you may never be rich you will be loved by those around you and, on the whole, will lead a happy life.
Star.—A lucky sign; if surrounded by dots, wealth and honour are foretold.
Steamer.—A voyage, news from overseas, interesting events, according to other signs.
Steeple.—This denotes misfortune, bad luck; if it is crooked or bending it foreshows a coming disaster or crushing blow to your hope.
Steps.—Unaccustomed work which will fall to your lot as a result of the illness of someone with whom you work or associate.
Stile.—With a small amount of perception you will arrive at a right conclusion.
Stilts.—These show a desire to appear different in the eyes of your friends from that which you really are, and you will often fail in an effort to keep up this subterfuge.
Stocks.—These sweet scented flowers foreshow an unexpected happiness with someone whom you have not seen for a long while.
Stockings.—A present received or given is the meaning of this symbol.
Stones.—Little worries and vexations.
Stool.—A large stool is a symbol of honour; a small one signifies that your success in life will be meagre.
Stork.—In summer, this bird tells you to beware of robbery or fraud; in winter, prepare for bad weather and a great misfortune; a stork flying predicts that whilst you hesitate in coming to a decision, a profitable chance is lost, the news of which will speedily reach you.
Stove.—This symbol calls attention to the fact that trials and tribulations await you.
Straw.—A bundle of straw foretells gain through industry.
Strawberries.—Pleasure and the gratification of your wishes are shown by this fruit.
Straw Hat.—Modesty and simple pleasures.
Street Lamp.—This is a sign of a foolish desire to draw attention to yourself.
Stud.—See Collar Stud.
Stuffed Birds.—A discovery that something upon which you had set your heart proves unsatisfying.
Submarine.—Swiftly arriving news or events; sometimes the disclosure of a secret which will be of much personal value to you.
Sun.—This promises happiness, health, success in love, prosperity, and the beneficial discovery of secrets.
Sun Bonnet.—A sign of originality, personal charm and attraction, sometimes coquetry.
Sundial.—You are warned to take heed as to the way in which you spend your time.
Sunflower.—This flower proclaims learning and a satisfactory conclusion in matters which are most interesting to you; it also implies that you may reasonably expect a scheme to work out greatly to your advantage.
Suspenders.—These show precaution.
Suspension Bridge.—A venture in which much is at stake but after a time of anxiety you arrive at final triumph.
Swallow.—A journey with a happy result; if flying, joyful tidings from someone you love; if several swallows are flying, they indicate a journey to a warm climate under very pleasant conditions.
Swan.—This bird is significant of tribulation, troublesome conditions in the home, and sometimes of separation from those whom you love.
Sweep.—The performing of an urgent disagreeable business will shortly fall to your lot.
Sweet William.—This flower signifies that happiness in the past has tinged your future with sadness.
Swimming.—A brave endeavour to overcome your fear of an undertaking which must be faced.
Swing-Boat.—By an act of folly, you forfeit the good opinion of someone with whom you most desire to be on terms of friendship.
Sword.—This is a sign of danger, sudden illness, or even death; it also betokens slander and dangerous gossip; to lovers it is a bad omen of quarrels; a sword in its sheath shows honour and glory for someone dear to you; a broken sword predicts the triumph of an enemy.


Table.—This means suggestions and consultation; note the subject from the surrounding signs.
Tambourine.—A symbol of lighthearted gaiety which will follow a time of gloom or worry. See also Child with Tambourine.
Tea Cosy.—To the unmarried, this is a sign that they will probably remain single; to the married, affection and comfort in the small things of life.
Tea-Cup and Saucer.—You may expect to hear something of much interest and pleasure in your “fortune.” 
Teeth.—These call attention to the fact that probably a visit to the dentist is required.
Telegraph Post.—Hasty news by telephone or telegram.
Telegraph Wires.—You will transact important business by telephone or telegram.
Telephone.—You will be put to considerable inconvenience through forgetfulness.
Telescope.—This predicts the probability of trouble with your eyesight.
Tennis Net.—This shows pleasures and social entertainments.
Tent.—A symbol of travel.
Thimble.—For a girl, this symbol implies that she will probably never marry; to the married, it predicts changes in the household.
Thistle.—This is a pleasant sign of strength, endurance, and affection; it also shows a desire to remove obstacles from the path of those who are in difficulties.
Throne.—An empty throne denotes public misfortune. See also King on Throne.
Thumb.—A large and powerful thumb foretells an opportunity in which you prove yourself superior to those who hitherto somewhat despised you.
Tiger.—You will be placed in a perilous position possibly through the bad behaviour or folly of those who should protect you.
Timber.—Logs of timber are a sign of well-being and prosperity in your affairs.
Tin Tacks.—An agreement about to be satisfactorily concluded.
Toad.—You may expect deceit and the discovery of disagreeable facts; this sign should caution you to be on your guard, for malicious talking causes much discomfort and may separate the best of friends.
Toadstool.—You are warned against making rash and unguarded statements, a bad habit of gossiping and encouraging scandal.
Tom-Tom.—See Native with Tom-Tom.
Tomatoes Growing.—An increase of worldly goods is foreshown by this sign.
Tombstone.—This sign must be judged in accordance with other symbols around it.
Tongs.—A pair of firetongs indicates anxiety and disturbance in the home.
Tongue.—This signifies that unless you amend you will make mischief by your indiscreet and unkind words.
Tooth.—One large tooth is a symbol of bereavement.
Topiary Work.—Trees and hedges cut into the forms of birds, animals, etc., are often to be seen in the tea-leaves; this sign assures you of the fact that those things for which you must wait longest are those which will give most joy.
Torch (Flaming).—This is a hopeful symbol that some unexpected piece of good fortune will come to you; it also indicates the discovery of an undeveloped talent.
Torpedo.—Acts of violence, disaster, or distressing news are the meanings of this symbol.
Tortoise.—This means that you attempt that of which you have no knowledge.
Tower.—This predicts an advantageous opportunity through which you may rise to a good position in life. 
Toys.—Pleasure with children.
Train.—Arrivals, removals, a journey.
Tram.—A roadway journey on business or pleasure.
Tram Line.—This is indicated by two thin, straight lines which run near together up the side of the cup.
Trees.—Good health and a pleasing assurance of coming prosperity and happiness; if surrounded by dots an inheritance of property in the country is foreshown! See also Chestnut Tree, Christmas Tree, Elm Tree, Oak Tree, Yew Tree.
Triangle.—A fortunate meeting, good luck; sometimes an unexpected legacy.
Trident.—A hopeful sign of honour and promotion to those in the Navy.
Triumphal Arch.—This is a fortunate omen of your future honour and high position; a decorated arch foretells a wedding.
Trowel.—This gardening implement foretells good weather conditions; seen in the winter, it indicates unusual mildness. See also Bricklayer’s Trowel.
Trousers.—A pair of trousers foretells news of misfortune or sorrow for a man.
True Lover’s Knot.—This is a happy omen of faithfulness in love, and of enduring friendship.
Trumpet.—This denotes good fortune to a musician; to others, entertainment, large assemblies of people, public speaking, sometimes the setting on foot of new schemes.
Trunk.—Arrivals and departures.
Tub.—You have evil to fear, is the meaning of this sign.
Tulips.—A symbol of radiance, health, and constancy in love and friendship.
Tunnel.—This suggests that you are likely to make a wrong decision in an important matter.
Turkey.—That you are in danger of committing injurious follies is the meaning of this sign.
Turnip.—The discovery of secrets and domestic quarrels are indicated by this sign.
Turnpike.—This implies that the reminiscences which you relate of the past are of more interest than your topics of the present.
Turnstile.—This is a sign that you cleverly evade a disagreeable incident or unpleasant discussion without offending anyone.
Turtle.—This is significant of wealth and luxury.
Twins.—This is a symbol of sympathy and the perfection of happiness; with other signs, news of the birth of twins.


Ugly Faces.—These show domestic quarrels or unpleasant news.
Umbrella.—If it is open, bad weather and grumbling are foretold; closed, a bit of bad luck which may be avoided.
Unicorn.—This is an indication of scandal.
Urn.—A sign of illness.