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Tea leaf reading or teomancy has been around for centuries. When reading tea leaves you are meant to go beyond the symbol in the cup, it is necessary delve more deeply into your psyche. Tea leaf reading can help you to tune into and expand your intuition and your psychic ability.  The interpretation of the symbols is the seekers quest to understand themselves, the simple act of sitting down, making a pot of tea, drinking the tea and then focusing on the symbols is meditative.


Abbey.—A sign of increasing wealth and comfort; you will gain much success in your life.
Ace of Clubs.—This signifies good news through the post.
Ace of Diamonds.—You will be gratified by a good present or sum of money.
Ace of Hearts.—Shows affection and happiness in the home.
Ace of Spades.—A large town or building.
Acorn.—This is a symbol of health, strength and gain through industry, a sowing of which you will see the reaping, a short journey from which there may be great results; good fortune and ease are predicted by several acorns.
Aircraft.—If flying towards consultant, hasty news or an unexpected journey; if stationary it gives warning that you will have but little success in your life unless you come out of the rut into which you have fallen.
Albatross.—If seen with the sign of a ship or water it portends distress for those at sea; to sailors or to those associated with them it is an omen of sadness, meaning sorrow and sometimes death.
Alderman.—To workers this is a sign that if they proceed with caution they will become prosperous.
Alligator.—This is a bad sign of personal danger and distress possibly caused by those nearest to you; it also shows much mental disturbance and worry; if very near consultant a catastrophe is imminent.
Almonds.—These denote festivities and social enjoyment, good and generous friends.
Altar.—If with a figure near, sorrow and distress are foreshown.
Anchor.—A pleasing symbol of good and loyal friends, constancy in love, and the realisation of your wishes; an emblem of safety to a sailor.
Anemone.—These flowers often indicate an event to be expected in the early autumn; the nature of it must be judged by other signs in the cup.
Angel.—This is a symbol of good fortune in love, radiance, happiness, and peace.
Angel (Flying).—A token of love and joy which are swiftly approaching you.
Antlers.—An accident is predicted by this symbol.
Anvil.—Your strength and energy will bring you much success in new plans or enterprises.
Ape.—This animal points to the fact that you have a secret enemy; it denotes malicious and dangerous persons whose tongues are to be feared; it is also a sign of despondency, care, anxiety, and fraud.
Apples.—A pleasant sign of happiness, cheerful conditions, good health, and fortune.
Apple Trees.—These predict a happy event in the apple season.
Apron.—Near consultant brings a new friend; at a distance new work or acquaintances.
Arab.—This symbol points to a need for caution in choosing your friends, or you may find yourself in the power of someone who will prove to be an undesirable companion.
Arch.—Things which you desire are developing in the wished-for direction; the arch is a sign of hope; your ambition may be gratified in a most unexpected manner. See also Triumphal Arch.
Ark.—This symbol assures you of security and of finding refuge in times of distress and turmoil.
Arm.—If curved, it signifies love, protection, care and strength; stretched out, that a new influence will come into your life which will prove to be an endless source of joy and love.
Armour.—A suit of armour foretells that you will be called upon to face difficulties and dangers and that you will come through them with courage. See Knight in Armour.
Arrow.—Unpleasant news or a disagreeable letter from the direction in which it comes.
Artichoke.—This signifies sadness, disappointment and delay; sometimes a secret trouble is indicated by this symbol.
Artist.—To see an artist at work, indicates association with those who study art; also a happy nature finding much joy and beauty in life.
Artist’s Mahl Stick.—This implies an artistic temperament, a dislike of daily duties or irksome tasks, and a fretting under any routine; a lack of attention to detail is also a usual characteristic of this symbol.
Arum Lily.—This flower stands for dignity, expectancy, and calm; its fuller meanings must be judged by other symbols around it.
Ass.—If its head is towards consultant, a piece of good news or an event which has long been waited for is near; if its tail, then further patience is necessary, for there will be delay; if it gallops, it gives warning that if people allow themselves to become too boring their friends may reasonably, be expected to avoid them.
Asters.—These flowers indicate a smooth though possibly a somewhat monotonous life; they also show a settled state of mind and sound judgment; if seen in the form of a wreath a death is predicted.
Automatic Machine.—This signifies a lack of initiative and consequent failure in arriving at any great achievement.
Axe.—This shows mastery and power to overcome difficulties; sometimes separation.


Baby.—A naked baby near consultant is a sign of sadness and disappointment caused by those who are nearest and dearest; to some it is a sign of money worries; a baby in arms means reconciliation.
Bacon.—Pieces of bacon signify good luck and profitable business.
Badger.—For a maid, or a bachelor, this symbol predicts a single life, but one of freedom, health and success; for the married, it implies regret that they did not remain unmarried.
Bagpipes.—This symbol gives warning of coming sorrow or much agitation and disturbance.
Ball.—See Football.
Ballet Dance.—This is a forecast of unsuccessful plans.
Balloon.—A symbol which indicates that much is attempted but little achieved; there is a passing enthusiasm for various experiments and new ideas, but the interest soon flags, and finally vanishes as the balloon in the clouds.
Bananas.—These promise gratification and the occurrence of those things which are most pleasing to you; also a prediction of much happiness and success in love affairs.
Banner.—This is a symbol of a prosperous life for a man and of a wealthy marriage for a woman.
Barber.—This signifies the approach of a new interest coming into your life, which will lead you to be most particular as to your personal appearance.
Barrel.—Festivity, possibly a picnic; several barrels, prosperity.
Barrel Organ.—Melancholy and a distaste for present circumstances.
Basin.—This symbol stands for small ailments and minor worries; a broken basin, domestic annoyance.
Basket.—Domestic duties and family cares; if full, a present given or received.
Basket of Flowers.—Happiness and contentment, fulfilled desires.
Bassoon.—This musical instrument implies that your energy is apt to exceed your wit.
Bat.—See Cricket Bat.
Bath.—This indicates grief or dismay.
Bats.—An ill omen showing sickness and trouble in the home; with other signs, a prediction of death.
Bayonet.—A sign to be feared; it shows danger of operation, wounds, and pain.
Beans.—These show quarrels and disputes with relations.
Bear.—A journey north, sometimes prolonged travel. See also Polar Bear.
Bed.—A visit, illness; or death, according to other symbols.
Beef.—A round of beef foretells coming financial worries.
Beehive.—This is a symbol of eloquence, mental capacity, and much energy in forming new schemes and carrying them through; also of attainment to power and honour.
Bees.—These foretell success through your own ability, many friends and enjoyment of life to the full. See also Bumble Bee.
Beetle.—This signifies unrest, domestic tribulation, or disagreements; several beetles, that there is a risk of slander and abuse by those whom you regard as friends.
Beetroot.—This symbol indicates that someone will try to do you a bad turn, but it will fail in its object and rather turn out as a benefit.
Bell.—Amazing news according to other signs in the cup; several bells indicate a wedding. See also Canterbury Bells, Diving Bell, Handbell.
Belladonna Lily.—This flower is a sign of hope, love, happiness, and the leading of an upright and honourable life.
Bellows.—These show an endeavour to make the best of a bad business.
Besom.—This gives a caution to avoid meddling in other people’s affairs or you may find yourself regarded as an unpleasant busybody.
Bier.—A symbol of death; if near consultant, a personal sorrow, otherwise of a less personal nature. 
Billiard table.—Pleasure followed by regret.
Bird Feeding Young.—After a time of patient waiting, your desires will be fulfilled.
Bird of Paradise.—Difficulties and trials are vanishing and a future of comfort and pleasure awaits you.
Bird on a Perch.—If near consultant, news resulting in pleasant plans; if at some distance, there is a doubt of the news being sent.
Birds.—These are significant of happiness and joyful tidings; a single bird flying means speedy news, telegrams; birds in a row on a branch or line show that there will be vexatious delay in receiving some wished-for news; birds in a circle denote cogitation followed by swift decision. See also Clapper for Scaring Birds and Stuffed Birds.
Birds in Cage.—This implies that a variety of causes prevents you from obtaining your dearest wish; should the cage door be open, obstacles will shortly be removed and great happiness will be yours.
Bird’s Nest.—This signifies a happy discovery, leading to a fortunate enterprise brought about to a great extent by your own patience and ability; it is also a good omen of love, friends, and increase of fortune.
Biscuits.—These seen in various shapes and sizes foretell the occurrence of pleasant events.
Bishop.—A sign of benevolence, authority, and progress; in cope and mitre, preferment and honour.
Bluebells.—These indicate that an event bringing you much satisfaction and pleasure may be expected to take place in the spring.
Bluebottle Fly.—Unpleasantness and jealousy will be aroused by your success.
Boar.—This animal shows much energy and push though not always in the right direction to bring you unqualified success; it is also a sign of obstacles in your path.
Boat.—Success in a new enterprise; seen with clouds, troubles and disappointment. See also Ferryboat. 
Bomb.—This foretells a personal disaster or news of an explosion and loss of life.
Bones.—These are an indication of misfortune surmounted with courage.
Bonnet.—This implies that youth will be past before you have the best happiness of your life. See also Widow’s Bonnet.
Book.—An open book shows a desire for information and a mind ever on the alert to understand new theories and facts; a closed book is a sign of expectancy.
Bookcase.—This is a pleasing symbol of coming success through study and perseverance.
Boomerang.—This sign means news from Australia, or that some unexpected development will lead to your having a great interest in that country; with signs of travel, that you will make your home there.
Bootblack.—A bootblack is a sign of failure in your work.
Boots.—These show fortunate business, a good income, and the gratification of your tastes and pleasures; boots of a curious shape foretell an unfortunate enterprise ending in failure.
Boot-tree.—A lucky surprise.
Border.—See Flower Border.
Bottle.—A sign of happy days; several bottles indicate extravagant tastes; small bottles, illness.
Bouquet.—This is a most fortunate symbol of coming happiness, love, fulfilled hope, and marriage. 
Bow.—A sign of reunion after absence or estrangement.
Bow and Arrow.—This denotes that there is unpleasant talk of your personal affairs which may do you harm.
Bower.—Happiness in love is proclaimed by this symbol.
Box.—An open box foreshows a troubled love affair; a closed box, that you will find something which you had lost.
Boy.—This symbol must be read in accordance with other signs in the cup.
Bracelet.—A discovery made too late.
Branch.—A large branch is a sign of much independence and of success in carrying out an undertaking; the larger it is the greater your success; a broken branch signifies an attempt to organise a project or new scheme which will end in failure.
Bread.—A loaf of bread is a sign of the commonplace and of monotony; several loaves give warning against waste and extravagance, for a shortage of corn is threatened; loaves of bread with crossed swords above them predict mutiny and disaffection among those whom the world trusted.
Bricklayer’s Trowel.—A task which you have in hand will be successfully carried out.
Bricks.—These signify new plans and enterprises which will lead to prosperity.
Bride.—This sign indicates a wedding, coming joy, or a rival in your affections, according to other symbols around it.
Bridge.—An advantageous opportunity; a fortunate journey. See also Suspension Bridge.
Bridle.—This points to the fact that you greatly object to interference or authority, and that you will always be “top dog” with your friends.
Brooch.—This indicates that you are likely to make a discovery greatly to your advantage, and may in time turn it to good account in the development of a patent; a brooch with dots around it predicts a present.
Broom.—This signifies that there is need for you to be careful in the choice of your friends, and to avoid rushing into an intimacy which you might later have cause to regret.
Bubbles.—See Child Blowing Soap Bubbles.
Buckles.—These foretell that some important arrangement of much personal advantage will fall through in an unforeseen manner, causing disappointment and dismay.
Buffalo.—A most unexpected and unusual happening, possibly causing agitation and uncertainty as to the best way to proceed.
Bugle.—This shows a desire for admiration and notice from all whom you meet; it also implies that it is high time to arouse yourself and become more energetic and industrious.
Building.—A sign of removal.
Bull.—An ill omen of misfortune, attacks of pain, or of slander by some enemy; if it gallops with tail up, personal danger or illness of someone dear to you.
Bumble Bee.—This shows a cheerful disposition, making the best of everyone and everything, easily gratified tastes and pleasures; many friends and social success; with other signs, travel is indicated.
Buns.—These signify social amusements and duties, also that you usually take a cheery view of things even in troublesome circumstances.
Buoy.—This is a symbol of hope; you have a good friend in all weathers
Bush.—Invitations and social enjoyments.
Butter.—This signifies good fortune and success, the comforts of life, and a desire for the best of everything.
Butterfly.—Passing pleasure, power of attraction, many admirers, and flirtations; to the lover it speaks of inconstancy.
Buttonhook.—An exchange between friends, successfully organised plans, and a propitious meeting.
Buttons.—If of various size and shape they mean that there will be many suggestions as to arrangements and new plans without anything definite being settled.