Step 5: Closing

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Step 5: Closing

Your spell is finished. Consider doing something mundane, like having something to eat, to center yourself.

Give thanks and clean up.

Say thank you to any specific deity you invoked. Ground your excess energy by visualizing it flowing into the earth. Undraw your circle, if necessary, and dismantle your altar if you aren’t going to use it again. Gather up your tools and leave the space.


Grounding the power
Often there will be residual energies after casting a spell. In practical terms, this means feeling energetic after the magical work is done. Grounding returns you to a normal level of energy, similar to a cooling-down activity after exercising. An easy way to ground is through visualization: focus on the feeling of your weight and how your body presses into the ground and imagine excess energy moving into the Earth. You can also hold up a ritual tool, such as an athame (ritual knife), and visualize energy flowing into it. Another very common way to ground yourself is to have a small bit of food and drink. Eating is a very physical, grounding process that allows you to gently ease yourself from your ritual state. Before eating, you may wish to make a small offering to the divine.

Giving thanks
If you chose to invite a deity or power into your circle, now is the time to give thanks and say farewell. This can be done with chants, gestures, offerings, and music, but often all that is necessary is a sincere expression of gratitude. Thank them for their attention and ask that they come again. If you did not invoke the divine, you can still express general gratitude.

Closing the circle
Do this by visualizing the energy of the circle returning from where it came, usually yourself. If you called the quarters, give thanks and say farewell. Walk around your circle again, perhaps in the opposite direction from how you cast it, and imagine the energy returning through your hand, wand, or athame and going back into you. If you used anything to mark the circle, gather it up. Gather your ritual tools and put them away. If you used a special altar setup, you can dismantle it if you like, or you may choose to leave it up for awhile. Once your circle is closed and your ritual space returned to its normal state, your rite has ended.


What will effect your success?

Effort and intention.

Spells are fundamentally based on feeling, desire, and will. You could perform a spell exactly as it’s written, with no mistakes or fumbles, but it still won’t be effective if you don’t push your energy and intention into your work. It’s not the tools you use, the words you say, or the actions you perform that make magic work — it’s what you put into the spell that’s important. You can use visualization, energy raising, and other techniques to put energy into your spells. Do everything you do in your spells purposefully and with intention. It’s my opinion that, when using magic to make an effect happen, the most important thing is to want it intensely and to will it to happen.

Your experience and level of knowledge.

It’s easy to understand that a beginner will be less adept at magic than an experienced practitioner. As you learn and practice, you’ll grow to be better at the skills used in magic, such as meditation or visualization. You’ll also learn what works best for you.

Your state of being.

If you are mentally, physically, or emotionally tired, distracted, distressed, or otherwise not in an optimal state for spellwork, spells tend to be less effective. Many people like to do some sort of pre-ritual to get themselves in the right state of mind. In general, be sure that you get enough sleep, eat well, manage stress effectively, and otherwise keep yourself healthy.


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