Step 2: Focus

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Step 2: Focus & Visualize for Success!

Meditate until your mind is clear. Do some basic deep breathing to improve your focus and discard distracting desires.

Creating sacred space
This may consist of arranging an altar or ritual setup and casting a circle. Go here for more information on ritual circles.


  • by picturing a circle of light surrounding you and the table.
  • Ask for the protection of your guardian angels and say that you will work for the greatest good and the best intentions.
  • Pick up the symbol and hold it in your cupped hands.
  • Say aloud your name, ‘I am—‘ and if you wish adopt a special name for magic, perhaps one you have always loved or that of a flower, star or tree to express yourself as you would like to become.
  • Then say, ‘I seek if it is right to be’ and ask precisely for what you want.
  • Then say’ I offer’ and name what kindness you will do to pay the cosmos for the blessing you are asking for.
  • Light the candle and your incense stick or cone from the candle.
  • Then put your symbol back in the center and make three small clockwise circles of salt round it, asking for the strength and security of the earth to fill your symbol with power. You can picture the earth as golden fields, forests or huge rocks or however you wish.
  • Next pass your incense smoke three times in spirals round the symbol asking that it is filled with the power of the Air. Picture the air as clouds, the wind blowing or a storm if you need to overcome obstacles filling your symbol with energies and the possibilities of change.
  • Next either pass your candle three times round the symbol or if you prefer pass the symbol round the candle three times clockwise asking that it is filled with the power of Fire. Imagine the sun, a hearth, bonfire, festival fire or lightning providing the energy to bring your wish into actuality.
  • Finally sprinkle three circles of water drops clockwise round the symbol asking that it be filled with the power of water. Picture a deep lake, the sea, a waterfall or flowing river according to the kind of water power you need to make the good things flow into your life. It does not matter if your salt and water circles overlap or are different.