Step 4 – Energy

Learn Spells


Energy raising or magical work
This is the process of casting the spell, the actions that you perform to create change.

Magical work often involves reciting an incantation or prayer. Often these incantations rhyme, because it aids memorization and separates incantation from normal speaking, but rhyming is not required. In fact, impromptu words from the heart can work just as well.

It is important to visualize clearly and effectively. Push your intentions into your actions and visualize the energies or power at work. Imagine the energies that you are working with and the effects of your spell. The more you can feel it, the more real it will be.

A circle can contain the energy of your spell until you are ready to release it. Energy can be released through several ritual forms, such as burning papers or herbs, visualization, or gestures. With intention and power, send the energy toward its goal.

Now you are going to fill your symbol with power:

  • There are lots of ways you can do this. For example you could repeat a phrase over and over again faster and faster raise the power, while clapping softly
  • Alternatively or as well as chanting, you can move your hands over the symbol, the right hand clockwise and the left anti clockwise at the same time, palms downwards and fingers slightly curved inwards, faster and faster.
  • If you wish, circle a wand clockwise in the hand you write with while moving the other hand in the opposite direction. Crystal massage wands make excellent magical wands or you could use a smooth twig from a tree, that tapers inwards to a point and at the same time imagine your aura, the rainbow energy field surrounding you and the symbol, as filling with coloured lights
  • Keep increasing the speed and intensity until you can sense the energies sparkling round you and feel very excited. At this point bring your hands or your hand and wand upwards into the air, down again fast and clap to release the power, maybe saying the phrase very loudly and fast for the last time.
  • Then pick up the symbol and stand quietly letting the released energies flow into you and the symbol.


Energy Releasing

  • Finally press down with your feet and let any excess energy drain back into the ground.
  • Picture the light of the circle you cast round you fading and thank your guardian angel
  • Put your symbol in a bag to carry or keep and touch to reactivate the confidence and enthusiasm you feel now.
  • Leave the candle and incense to burn out (make sure it is safe to do so)
  • If you feel you no longer need the symbol, roll the clay back into a ball and bury it under a growing plant or pass the incense stick smoke round it anti clockwise to cleanse the spell energies so you can use it another time.

Now go and make that first step towards making your dream come true



Focus your energy on your desire. Visualize the object of your spell and imagine light flowing from you into it. Visualize your wish coming true. The more vividly you can see these energies in your mind’s eye, the realer they will be.


Recite your incantation. For each spell, write a short verse describing your wish and asking it to be granted. It doesn’t have to rhyme, but rhymes, alliteration, cadence and other poetic structures help with focus and memorization. Speak the incantation clearly and confidently while you visualize.


Seal the deal. A good spell should have some element of “casting off” an item to represent your will going out into the universe. Tear or burn a piece of paper with your wish (or a symbol representing your wish) written on it; toss away a stone or symbolic object; snuff out a candle; or pouring out or drinking a potion.