Wiccan Witchcraft: Second Degree

Wiccan Witchcraft Year 2 offers a complete second year, online degree program for everyone.

Plus, download your Certificate of Completion when you have finished your second year degree.

Wiccan Witchcraft Year 2

Lessons in Witchcraft : Year 2
1. Divination
2. Celebrating the Cycle of Human Life
3. Herbs and Herbal Preparations
4. Studying Further the Art of Magic
5. The Kabbalah and Magic
6. Exploring the Planes of Life
7. Astrology, Part One
8. Astrology, Part Two
9. Psychic Powers
10. Crystal Craft
11. Sex and the Great Rite
12. A Rite of Passage


Certificate of Completion

Would you like a Certificate of Completion for this course?

BWC School of Witchcraft offers dedicated students, a Certification of Completion . You can receive a registered and personally numbered Certificate of Completion in Wiccan Witchcraft Studies.


A complete 2nd Year degree in the craft

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Wiccan Witchcraft - Second Degree

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