Ritual – Consecration of a Wand

Consecration of a Wand


This ritual was written for a wand that a friend gave me. She had found a white pine that looked as if one end had a serpent’s head, and then carved a spiral of seven turns around it.

First, purify the wand by the four elements.

This prayer follows:

I, the finite, call upon the Infinite as my witness:
See, here is a wand!
It will be for me a tool
of invocation
and of projecting,
of breathing in
abnd of breathing out.
See my wand!
It is a tool of many uses
and of many meanings.
It is a serpent of seven turns,
the ever-renewing cycle of life.
It twines arobut the erect serpent,
the straightforward thrusting male.
Together they form Boundless Time,
Zervan Arkona of the Mysteries.
This wand controls Boundless Time.
See my wand!
It is a type of the staff
and as such a weapon
a tool of the Warrior,
Mithras of the Mysteries:
this wand controls action within a point of view.
See my wand!
It is the staff about which twines the snake,
the caduceus controls the powers of healing:
May I use it to heal the earth.
See my wand!
It is a rod, a conductor of power.
It may draw power from the universe
or send power out.
It is a part of me.
I control it
and through it
the power of the Infinite.
See my wand!

Next the wand is held between the bodies of a naked man and woman, with these words:

Our greatest magic is oru love.
With love new worlds are created.
With love old new worlds are transformed.
Love takes the opposites and binds them,
making from them a stronger third.
May this wand be consecrated by life and love,
partaking of power.

Finally it is presented to the directions and the elements, starting with the east and making the appropriate changes at the other directions:

Ye Guardian of the Watchtower of the East:
Behold my serpent wand.
It is an extension of my power
and a channel to bring in yours.
It partakes of the element of Air
and thus of your essence.
Accept it, I ask you, and remember it,
and come when you are called by it
and apply your power as it directs.