White Magick

“White magick, from my perspective, is about “appreciation” style of spells. It’s giving, rather than taking. That is not to say its better than any other style of magick or spell casting. It’s just a style of magick” – BWS

These terms of white magick, black magick, and grey magick are used to categorize spells, witchcraft, and witches. However, each person will define what is manipulative V non-manipulative magic. For example, if a child blows out their birthday candles, and wishes for their parents to get back together, is this considered “black magick” or is it just a child making a wish to make themselves feel better about their parents separation?

Black magick is hexing, cursing, and causing issues in the life of another. Once again, BWC School of Wichcraft does not judge. Who is anyone to judge another person on the reasons why they need to cast a spell? As a witch, you have the freedom to practice as you see fit.