Let’s assume there is someone in whom you are interested, but the interest does not seem to be reciprocated. This spell ensures there are no hindrances, but there has to be at least some feeling for it to stand a chance of working.

To create opportunities for love

This is not a spell to draw a person to you, but more to ‘open the way’ – to alert the other person to the possibility of a relationship with you.

The spell should be performed on a Friday.

The use of your mother’s ring is symbolic of continuity.

You will need
•    A RING (traditionally your mother’s wedding ring would be used)


  1. Put a wine glass right way up on a table.
  2. Make a pendulum by suspending the ring from the red silk ribbon.
  3. Hold the pendulum steady by resting your elbow on the table, with the ribbon between your thumb and forefinger.
  4. Let the ring hang in the mouth of the wine glass.
  5. Clearly say your name followed by that of the other person. Repeat their name twice i.e. three times in all. Then, thinking of them, spell their name out loud.
  6. Allow the ring to swing and tap against the wine glass once for each letter of their name.
  7. Tie the ribbon around your neck, allowing the ring to hang down over your head.
  8. Wear it for three weeks, and repeat the spell every Friday for three weeks.
  9. By the end of the third week, the person you have in your sights will show an interest, unless it is not meant to be.