About Love Spells

The most important thing to do – is do this spell on a FRIDAY.


(Venus – green, pink, white)

affection, alliances, architects, artists,
beauty, chiropractors, courtship, dancers, dating, designers, engineers,
entertainers, friendships, gardening, gifts, harmony, luxury, marriage, music,
painting, partners, poetry, relationships, romantic love, shopping, social activity.

Many people, when thinking of spells, think of love spells – ways of making another person find them sexually attractive and desirable.

In theory, love spells should be unconditional and this type should be entirely unselfish and free from self-interest. However, most of the time they obviously cannot be so, unless they are performed by a third party, someone outside the longed-for relationship who is totally dispassionate.

To try to influence someone else directly may well go against the ethics of many practitioners and magicians, though such spells do tend to be the stock- in-trade of many Eastern practitioners.

Anyone who wishes to experiment with love spells needs to be aware that such spells come under the heading of bidding spells and therefore must be used carefully. Love spells are often accompanied by gifts or love philters which are also meant to have an effect on the recipient.

This spell uses herbs, crystals, candle and color. The herb rosemary traditionally signifies long memory, the rose quartz crystal signifies love and the colors signify love and passion. It is designed to concentrate the mind and to attract love to you as opposed to a specific lover.


A Spell to Bring a Lover To You!

This spell is to attract love to you, not a specific lover so don’t use a representation of a particular person.
You will need
•    A SPRIG OF ROSEMARY (for remembrance)


Sit in your own most powerful place.
(That might be inside, outside, near your favorite tree or by running water.)

First, write in red on the box ‘Love is mine’.
Light the incense – this clears the atmosphere and puts you in the right mood.


Put the rosemary and the rose quartz in the box.
Put anything else that represents love to you in the box (drawings of hearts, poems, or whatever – be creative).

Be in a very positive state of mind.
Imagine yourself very happy and in love.
Burn the candle and say:

I am love
love I will find
true love preferably
will soon be mine

Love is me Love I seek my true love
I will soon meet.

Now sit for a little while and concentrate again on being happy.

Then pinch out the candle and add it to the box.

Let the incense burn out.
Seal the box shut and don’t open it until you have found your true love.

When you have found your lover, take the rose quartz out of the box and keep it as a reminder.
Bury the entire box in the earth.

Because in this spell you reproduce a positive state of mind and you are imagining what it is like to be in love, you set up a current of energy which attracts like feeling. In sealing the box you ‘capture’ the vibration of love and all things become possible.



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