In some traditions of magic, you may see the word “taglock” used. A taglock is a magical link to an individual. For example, in poppet magic, you would use a taglock inside the doll to identify the person to be targeted by the spell. Ideally, a good taglock is one that is strongly connected to the individual — but in a magical emergency, you can use other things as well.

Excellent Taglocks:

  • Body fluids such as blood, sweat, semen, or urine
  • Hair, skin or fingernail clippings
  • A photo of the person
  • A piece of clothing worn by the person
  • Something the person has chewed, smoked, or expelled out of any bodily orifice
  • Something with the person’s signature on it

Good Taglocks:

  • A piece of paper with their name on it
  • Something from their trash can, that they’ve handled
  • A piece of dirt that you know they’ve walked on

Taglocks That Aren’t Great, But Will Work In a Pinch:

  • A drawing of the person (stick figures are fine)
  • A piece of paper that says “that woman who’s sleeping with my boyfriend” (or whatever the case may be)
  • A business card with their name on it
  • A scraping of paint from the side of the person’s house or car — be cautious with this one, you don’t want to do anything illegal!

It should be noted that many experienced practitioners of magic never leave their fingernail clippings lying around after a manicure, and some will even take their hair clippings home with them after a visit to the salon, just to prevent any magical mischief!

Also Known As: magical link

When doing a healing ritual for her sister, Willow placed a lock of hair in a poppet as a taglock.