To get the love of a specific person try this spell this month. It doesn’t matter if they are straying. If you want them back this is the spell.


  • Doll looking like you
  • Doll looking like the target
  • 1 red candle
  • 1 pink candle
  • 1 teaspoon each 
o rosemary o cloves
o cinnamon o rose petals o basil 
o ginger
o queen bitch oil
o red ribbon
o 1⁄4 yard red velvet


  • mix the herbs together, and divide between the body cavities of each doll
  • use cotton to keep in place if necessary
  • add 6 drops bitch oil to the cavity of doll which is NOT YOU
  • run a flame up the side of one candle, press it against the other 
candle to hold them together, (so both are now stuck together)
  • light both wicks
  • tie both dolls face to face with the red ribbon – wrapping them in a 
crisscross fashion


Herbs of love and hot desire

Set ————-‘s heart and loins afire.

Fire of love and sex and passion,

Light______________’s heart – jolt him/her into action,

Tied hand to hand and heart to heart,

We shall be and never part.

All his/her love she’ll bring to me,

As I will so mote it be.

Secure the ribbon wrapping by tying a bow, and place in front of the candles until they burn out. Wrap the dolls in red velvet and place under you bed.

Queen Bitch Oil

  • chilli powder
  • cinnamon
  • sandlewood



  1. all mixed together in equal portions
  2. make sure you work on newspaper and then rid of/burn after 
finished work
  3. clean your hands thoroughly

Special Guidelines:


  • DO be thoughtful about the kind of energies you wish to attract. Love and Lust can have two very different consequences.
  • DO take your time and consider the attributes of a prospective mate/qualities in an existing mate, that you desire. Don’t ask for what you think you should want…ask for what you really want.
  • DO repeat spells as boosters over repeated full moons.
  • DO be ready for powerful responses! Lust spells in particular work 
  • DO use protection unless you are happy to get pregnant. Lust and 
love spells call up Fertility and Creative energies…you have been 
  • DO have fun and really let yourself go…love spells should have an 
element of chaos to them.



  • DON’T just cast a spell and not participate.
  • DON’T cast a love spell and not be prepared for change.
  • DON’T cast a lust or love spell at inappropriate time. Eg; Lust spell at 
work is not a good idea!
  • DON’T cast a lust spell on a waning moon cycle if at all possible. Waning moon is better for spells where you wish to free of unwanted attention.

Blessed be,