A cup or wine-type glass of any material-  is one of the most important altar tools.

The chalice is another Wicca symbol for the Great Goddess, the Mother of the Universe. The chalice is likely a modern version of the cauldron. It represents yin [“female”] energy of water.

In Wicca, the chalice is one of the four elemental tools of witchcraft (along with the pentacle, the athame and the wand), and represents the element of Water. It is a symbol of containment and represents the womb of the Goddess. The base is symbolic of the material world, the stem symbolises the connection between man and spirit, and the rim or opening symbolically receives spiritual energy.

In the Wiccan Great Rite, a chalice (as a feminine principle) is often used in combination with the athame (a ceremonial black-handled knife, as a male principle) as a ritual symbolic representation of sexual intercourse, and as a symbol of universal creativity.

The chalice can be made of any material. In olden times, horns, shells and gourds were used to hold sacred liquids during ritual. rc047


Then, in later times, silver became the preferred material, having long been associated with the moon and the Goddess.

The chalice is used to hold the blessed water and wine during ritual, and it is traditional in many covens to pass the chalice around all members, who then take a drink, as a token of unity.

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