Litha Altar

Litha Altar


As with all Wiccan and neo-Pagan Sabbats, we set up altars. These altars are usually set up in one home but can also be set up in an outdoor setting, preferably in a forested area.

Because Midsummer is a boundary holiday, Midsummer and Litha altars are set with clear boundaries. This is often done with a piece of string or a cord across the altar, although any sort of boundary separating is possible.

The altar usually includes symbols of the sun (such as children’s drawings of the sun), since this is a holiday marking the sun’s longest day. Sunflowers -because they follow the sun across the sky — are particularly popular as symbols on Midsummer altars.

Decorate with summer flowers and fruit, place sprigs of oak and holly on the altar to represent the Oak and Holly kings. Milk is often substituted for wine in ritual.


Candles are generally lit for the entire day, symbolizing the long reign of the sun at Midsummer. These are often 24-hour candles, although many people simply use the waning candle to light the next candle so that a candle remains lit at all times for the holiday.

Candle colors:

  • blue,
  • yellow-gold candle to represent the sun.
  • Orange,
  • gold,
  • green
Burn a red candle in cauldron (to be half-filled with water during the ritual)


Lavender, musk, violet, tangerine, rose

Burn the nine herbs in the midsummer fire or in a cauldron on your altar: betony wood (or basil), chamomile, fennel (or lavender), lemon balm (or dianthus), mullein, rue, St. John’s wort, thyme, and vervain.


violet, rose, orange, lime, thyme, citronella


ruby, garnet, diamond, seashell, Herkimer diamond, clear quartz crystal, amber, citrine, cat’s-eye, yellow topaz, yellow tourmaline, gold, silver, peridot, carnelian, calcite



Altar cloth:

red or gold


You may wish to include your deity of choice on your altar.

GODDESSES: all fertility goddesses, including :

  • Litha,
  • Vivian,
  • Brighid,
  • Cerridwen,
  • Ishtar,
  • Astarte,
  • Aphrodite,
  • Yemaya,
  • Oshun,
  • Aine,
  • Frigga,
  • Freya.

GODS: all Sun and fertility gods, including

  • Pan,
  • Cernunnos,
  • Tammuz,
  • Lugh,
  • Balder,
  • Apollo
  • Ra.


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