The Craft.

Ready to feel old? OK, well how about it’s been almost 20 (tweeeentyyyy!) years since “The Craft” came along and lent a little Friday night frights fun to your seventh grade slumber party tradition. Yep. The flick hit theaters May 3, 1996.

Back in ’96 “The Craft” was one of the gotta-hit-Blockbuster (another relic of Generation X) gems for the Tiger Beat era — see also: “Scream” and “Romeo + Juliet” — and looking back at it, it’s not hard to see why. The movie was flat out freaky. And even now it still holds up because man alive those girls were BRUTAL.

Seriously, no disrespect to our buds from Hogwarts and all, because we love them more than words, obvs, but these witches of the west (well, California) were sublimely wicked. They were the essentially the pre-“Mean Girls” mean girls. And, let’s be honest. Regina George would have nothing on Nancy Downs (Fairuza Balk).

Rating: 8/10