Selenite is a great stone for the Moon. The glow of Selenite reflects light like the Moon reflects the light of the Sun. This stone reflects the light within us all. She is the yin energy and connects us to our feminine essence. She connects us to the Divine within us and opens us to spiritual enlightenment.

Selenite gives us mental clarity and can be a good study aid. This stone also attunes and aligns all the chakras. If you have a Selenite wand, wave the wand over your chakras in a sweeping motion for a good auric cleanse. I especially like to do this on my moon-time or around the New and Full Moon phases.


Moon Lore: Selenite is named after the Greek Full Moon Goddess Selene. Selene would rise every evening as the Moon to look down upon her lover, Endymion. He was a prince who was granted eternal youth and immortality by Zeus on the condition he would remain in eternal slumber. It is also said Selene requested this so no one could ever have him but her.

Place this white selenite oval on your altar or use it within your ritual magic to help direct, contain, or cleanse energy.


White Selenite Oval Stone


Questions for reflection this week?

  1. How will you work with Selenite?
  2. If you worked with Selentite under the moon, how did you feel energetically?
  3. What other observations did you make while working with Selentite?


Blessed be to you and yours,