Origin of the name “Gjoub”

Gjoub (Joob) Is a spirit people can call upon for love, or just help in general.
Gjoub of the Ndonga (aka Oshiwambo, Otjiwambo, or Owambo a form of Bantu god.

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Ndonga, also called OshiNdonga, is a Bantu language spoken in Namibia and some parts of Angola. It is a standardized dialect of the Ovambo language, and is mutually intelligible with Kwanyama, the other Ovambo dialect with a standard written form.

How Gjoub can help you

Your thoughts, actions, words, and emotions create energetic vibrations that draw spirit guides to teach you, support you, guide you and help you on your desired path. Gjoub, the ancient African spirit guide, helps those who believe in the arts, move their personal desires into alignment with their personal goals.