(with baby blessing)

(cast the circle)
The Moon is bright, the Crone is old
The body lifeless – the bones so cold
We all live and pay our dues
To die in ones and threes and twos.
Death, dance and play the harp
Piercing silence in the dark
The Woman’s old with withered limbs
Death beckons Her to dance with Him
As She accepts the Dance of Death
The Earth is cooled by ghostly breath
To lie in dormancy once more
To have Her strength and life restored

Go to the Western Quarter and draw an invoking pentagram with the athame to open the gate. Then evoke the dead by saying:
All ye spirits who walk this night –
Hearken! Hearken to my call!
I bid you in our Circle join!
Enter Enter – one and all!

Come ye, spirits of the dead
Be ye spirit of plant or pet
Or human being who still roams!
Into this Circle you are let!
Speak to us of things unknown!
Lend your energies to this rite!
To speed your journey, we have joined
On this sacred Samhain night!
All ye spirits who walk this night –
Hearken! Hearken to my call!
I bid you in our Circle join!
Enter! Enter – one and all!

Oh Mighty Gods of the Summerlands,
Guardians of the beloved dead
We pour forth love on those you keep
Safely, in your peaceful stead
We bless those who have walked the path
That someday, we as well, shall rove
We offer peace unto their souls
While resting in your arms, below

Light one of the white candles after saying:
Dark Mother, you come to us alone this night in mourning for your son; in mourning for your consort. The God has departed to the Underworld and the Wheel of the Year follows him into darkness. Crone of the Ages, we call on you, be with us this night.

Light the other white candle, and say:
We take time to honor those we love, those who have gone before. In remembrance we speak their names.

Each Say the names of those you want to remember, then continue:
Hecate, Cerridwen, guide the spirits of those named here this night,
And those still in our thoughts

Take time to honor those you have named and to celebrate their lives. Hold in your mind the memories of those whose names you spoke. Think of how they have touched your life. Feel their presence with you in this hallowed circle.
Take the pomegranate juice from the altar. Lift it and say:
This year has waxed with the fullness of life and now wanes into shadow. Our souls will take rest in the dark as the wheel of the seasons makes its final turn.
Lift the pomegranate juice, and then say:
May our spirits find their paths.
Baby Blessing
Mother Goddess, Father God, ancient ones, hear us!
Into your midst has come a new life, we present to you,
Daymian Thomas,
Make his path smooth, so that he may hear and feel your guidence!

Winds, Clouds, and Rain, all you that move in the air, hear us!
Into your midst has come a new life.
Make his path smooth, that he may see clearly even in the thickest of cloud!

Hills, Valleys, Rivers, Lakes, Trees, Grasses, all of the earth, hear us!
Into your midst has come a new life.
Make his path smooth, that he may see the beauty in all that surrounds him!

Birds, great and small, that fly in the air,
Animals, great and small, that dwell in the forest, hear us!
Into your midst has come a new life.
Make his path smooth, that he too may fly and soar above all obstacles!

We call to the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit!!! Hear us!
Into your midst has come a new life.
Make his path smooth, so he may travel above and beyond his wildest dreams!

May the ancient gods of old, and the spirits of the dead here tonight
Bless, protect, and Guide this child, and stay with him throughout his life.
Love and Magickal Blessings, my son, tonight and always!!! Blessed Be

Dark Mother, Ancient and Enduring One, guide us, watch over us and our loved ones both here and departed. We stand at this gateway with you and thank you for your gifts of restoration and renewal. Blessed be.

Extinguish both white candles and black candles.
Priestess goes to the Western Quarter and draw the banishing pentagram, saying:
Blessings be upon thee, oh wondrous Spirits of the
Summerlands. We humbly thank thee for your presence in our
Circle and honor you in celebration this sacred night. We
beseech thee, oh God of the underworld, keepers of the sacred dead, embrace
once again those souls within your keep and hold tightly
to your breast those which have been lost and wandering.
Grant them safe passage to the Summerland, where they may
rest peacefully in your strength until they are refreshed
and reborn again in perfect love. We bid thee all a fond
farewell. So mote it be!

Thus is the Circle of Rebirth.
All pass from this life into the summerlands,
But through the love of the Goddess you are all reborn
In the cycles of nature – through the Cosmic Plane.
In living we die – in dying we live
The fruit is first seed, yet seed comes from the fruit
In the mystery of life and death and rebirth
The Circle turns ever, and we are its roots.

The Sun conceived in Darkness, cold
In the Shadow of Death, a Life unfolds
A shred of Light begins to burn
From Death comes Life – the Circle turns.

Dismiss the spirits with sage and love then Dissolve Circle.
Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again!