Since this is my first Halloween being a witch, I want to make this Halloween special. I’m going out with my friends for trick or treating, and then I’ll be coming back late to my house. So any spells I can cast during that time?


I would suggest a small ritualistic offering to the dead. You could go outside and lite a small candle, think of anyone you knew whom passed on, and intone that you wish anyone who has perished during the year peace in their journey and sacrifice either a small bit of red wine as a libation or an apple. Honey can also work well.

If you Really want to you can do this in a cemetery. Be very Very respectful, ask permission to enter from the Keeper of the Graves (watch for a sign, wind picking up, whispers, etc)and very clearly state your intent and respect.

If you do go to a cemetery, after you are beyond the gates take time to do a cleansing or shielding/warding to ensure no spirits decide to follow you home. You can also take offerings of flowers or pennies to a graveyard.

See our previous post on Graveyard Dirt as well.

Lady Jane


As a Dark Arts Student, you can go to old abandoned/neglected graveyards and write a wish on a note and buried it in the dirt in the cemetery. The spirits long for human contact. They gladly granted the wish of anybody who comes to visit them. I would combine this ritual with the other rituals provided to create a very powerful spell. Good luck!

Black Witch S