Spell: Box up negativity

Spell: Box up negativity

Box up negativity


  • A small box – it can be wood, metal, anything. It is especially effective if the box has a lock.
  • Paper and pens

This spell is designed to be worked over a period of time. Put the box on your altar and place your hands on both sides of it. Imagine protective energy surrounding the box. The box is like a trap for negativity. Anything can enter it, but negativity cannot leave it. Speak the following words:

Anything put in here will stay, to be forever locked away.

Place the box somewhere safe. Whenever you want to get rid of anything negative – fear, anxiety, anger, anything – write down exactly what you want to get rid of on a small slip of paper and put it in the box. Visualize the negativity being trapped in the box, where it can’t ever escape. Each time, shut the box firmly and say:

I lock this negativity away.

When the box is full, build a fire and toss the papers into the flames. Say:

All that harms is lost in flame, so burn, fire, burn
Negativity is banished, never to return

If you do not have a way to build a fire, you can burn the papers in a flame-proof container, such as your cauldron. This is slower, but still effective.


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February 25, 2016

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