Love spell to increase attractiveness

Love spell to increase attractiveness

The best kind of love spell for any situation is not a love spell that changes the object of your affection, but one that changes you. Do not try to change someone else — actual love is very hard to evoke, and more often than not a manipulative love spell will produce infatuation, not love. Instead, the love spells that should be used are ones to make yourself more lovable. Try this: a nighttime ritual to increase your attractiveness and confidence.

  • Rose essential oil
  • Candles (white, red, or pink; both smaller candles and at least one taper)
  • Red ribbon
  • Rose petals, rose incense, soft romantic music, or anything else to set the mood.
  • A small bit of food and drink

First, get things set up: clear a space for your ritual and, if needed, tidy up the room to make it warm and inviting. Gather all your materials and position them so that they are ready for use.

Then, the pre-ritual: light candles in your bathroom and make sure that the room is clean and inviting. Fill your bathtub and, just before getting in, sprinkle a few drops of rose essential oil in the water and mix it around with your hand. If you wish, float rose petals in the bath, light rose incense, or play soft music. Lower yourself in the water and relax, feeling the ambiance of the room. Stay like this for as long as you like, relaxing and enjoying yourself.

Emerge feeling refreshed and relaxed and go to your ritual space. You might choose to wear something romantic or sensual. If not, be sure to dress comfortably.
Light some candles, strew rose petals around, or anything you like to set the mood. Cast a circle and sit with one to three taper or pillar candles in the center. These center candles should be in colors that represent your intentions – use white for purity, pink for romance and friendship, and red for passion. Light the center candle(s) and sit before them for a moment, focusing yourself on your goal. Then, take a length of red ribbon (about eight to twelve inches long) and wrap it slowly around the index finger of your dominant hand while chanting:

I am a vision of loveliness, full of confidence and grace
With passion in my loving kiss, and beauty seen upon my face
I’m not at all one to dismiss, to overlook or to replace
My strength will give me lover’s bliss, and one to hold in my embrace.

Close your eyes, sway back and forth, or whatever you like while chanting and wrapping the ribbon. If you like, tie the ribbon around the base of the candle once you are done chanting. Sit before it for a little while. Imagine yourself as attractive, strong, and confident. Visualize the light from the candles filling you, bringing you confidence and grace that will help you to draw love into your life. Stay like this for as long as you like, focusing on your intentions for as long as you can. When you feel ready to end your ritual, eat and drink a little bit to ground yourself. Give thanks, close your circle, and then pinch out the candles. If you like, carry or wear the ribbon with you as a talisman for confidence and love and a reminder of the work you did.

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