Break Up Spell to Mend your broken heart

Break Up Spell to Mend your broken heart

Mend your broken heart!

If you’ve broken up with an ex lover or partner you may be left with negative feelings that are holding you back in your life. Clear those feelings with this spell – cast it any time you feel them building up again.

Don’t spend hours looking through the internet for a spell to help heal this pain. We know what spell you need and will tell you how to do this for yourself.

You will receive information on:

  • The tools you need
  • The best timing for this type of spells success
  • The exact incantation you need
  • Post-spell instructions
  • Note taking section

Our spells are designed for you to follow these easily. They can be printed for your own book of shadows.


  • FREE Our 20-Page PDF Guide telling you  “How to cast spells effectivity” – written by Lady Hannah
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August 26, 2017

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