Rites, Rituals, Ceremony

Rites, Rituals, Ceremony




 The Ways of Wicca can be divided into two acts:

Magick and Devotion.


Paganism practices are a rich well of wonderful supernatural Beings. You probably will find yourself drawn to one deity or another.  That’s as it should be.

 Just one thing . . . the images of Gods and Goddesses are not so much entities as ideals, metaphors for what we strive to become, the best in each of us.


Calling the Quarters

Great Rite Ritual

Goddess & God Ritual

Power Circle Ritual

Charge of The God

Charge of The Goddess

Yule Ritual


Mabon Ritual

Beltane Ritual

Consecration of a Wand Ritual


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Creating Your Own Power Circle

Wouldn’t it be really handy to be able to call up real power when you most need it? Instead of feeling nervous, or unconfident or fearful, to be able to extract our natural qualities of charisma, confidence and fearlessness instantly?

Here is another way of using the traditional Circle. A way that you can use whether or not you are performing a ritual or spell.
One of the most effective ways to instantly invoke self-esteem, self-trust and the benefits of self-care is to open, what I have called, your own Power Circle.

These Circles contain the raised power that you have deposited into them at earlier times and you can simply step forward into them for a boost of that same power when you need it.

First, you will need to create and charge your Circle. The more power (or positive energy) raised, the stronger the ‘hit’ of power will be when you step into it at a later time. So, like batteries, your Power Circle will need to be charged up regularly or layered with power if you prefer.

The more power you can layer into your Circle the greater the impact of feelings of self-esteem, self-trust and self-care.

I definitely would advise using your Circle before job interviews or credentials meetings.

Example of results you can achieve:

  • One case study subject stepped into her Circle just as she entered the building of a potential employer. She was totally empowered by the time she reached reception, and first impressions did count!
  • Another opens his Power Circle just prior to walking in to his monthly Board Meeting, which have now been made ‘magically’ easier by his new found power surge.
  • A Sales Director I know makes all his telephone calls from his Power Circle. He puts his desk and computer and all into it!


Ritual to create a Power Circle



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