Division: Minor Sabbat

Other Names: Spring Equinox, Eostre, Vernal Equinox, Alban Eiber, Bacchanalia, Lady Day

Southern Hemisphere Date: Sept 20-23

Northern Hemisphere Date: March 21

Associated Holiday: Easter

Associated Deities: Eostre, Spring Maiden, Spring Lord, Ishtar, Astarte

Associated Herbs: Jasmine, rose, violet

Associated Stones: Jasper, Moss agate, green moonstone, orange calcite, rose quartz.

Symbols of Ostara: Eggs, Hare, the New Moon, butterflies and cocoons.

Foods of Ostara: Leafy green vegetables, Dairy foods, Nuts such as Pumpkin, Sunflower and Pine. Flower Dishes and Sprouts.

Drinks of Ostara: Lemonade, Egg-Nog, and drinks made from seasonal fruits and berries.

Incense of Ostara: Jasmine, Rose, Strawberry, Floral of any type.

Ritual Oils: Lotus, Magnolia, Ginger

Colors: of Ostara: lemon yellow, pale green and pale pink.

Taboos: None

Plants: Crocus, Daffodil, Jasmine, Irish Moss, Snowdrop, Ginger

Element: Air

Activities: Dyeing Eggs, Looking for Spring Growth

Animals: Rabbits, Cougar, Sea Crow, Sea Eagle, Hedgehog, and Boar.

Mythical Creatures: Merfolk and any other Air or Water beings.

Celebration of: The God and Goddess begin their courtship.
About Ostara

Ostara is a Lesser Sabbat and marks the Spring Equinox, when day and night balance. Called Ostara after the Saxon Goddess Eostre, this is a time of renewal, regeneration and resurrection. Not much is known about this Eostre, except that she was the Goddess of fertility and was celebrated at the Spring Equinox, she was also connected with hares and eggs.

Legend has it that the Goddess Eostre turned a colourful bird into a rabbit and the rabbit then laid coloured eggs, this is where the Easter bunny and egg hunts came from and the basis of the Christian festival Easter.

The Anglo-Saxon lunar month April, was called Eastermonath. The equinox is a time both of fertility and new life, and of balance and harmony. Light and dark are here in balance, but the light is growing stronger. Now is the time to balance ourselves and the subtle energies within us, such as our chakras, the inner masculine and feminine qualities, the light and dark aspects, and so on.

This is a time that witches cast spells for careers, relationships, and love. It’s a time for planting new ideas and a time to free yourself from anything in the past that is holding you back.

You can acknowledge and celebrate this Sabbat by going into nature, taking a walk or spending time in your garden, also to recognise the changes in the Earth as she awakens each day.

Ostara Activities

* Have a traditional breakfast of buns, ham, and eggs.

* Wear green clothing.

* Bless seeds planted in the garden.

* Place a lit green candle in a dish full of moist earth, let it burn down and then bury the remainders (except the dish)

* Plant some seeds in pots or in your garden

* Dye or paint eggs with pagan symbols and God/Goddess signs.

* Make hot cross buns to honour the union of the earth and the sun for Spring. Slash the “X” and bless the cakes.

* Participate in an Easter egg hunt put on by your community.

* Take a long walk and take in the beauty of nature reawakening all around you.

* Meditate and/or Private Ritual.

* Create bird feeders.

* Make hot cross buns to honor the union of the earth and the sun for Spring. Slash the “X” and bless the cakes.

* Make pysanky and krashanky, magical amulets of fertility, protection, and prosperity.

* Eat an egg you have empowered with a quality you desire.

* This is a good time to cast spells for, careers, relationships, and love