Moon Meditation spell

When the sun sets and the moon is overhead go outside to a quiet space where you can clearly see the moon and the night sky.  Make sure you are in a space where you will not be disturbed.

This is a particular good ritual to do for a fall Blue Moon as in the fall the spirit veil is thin and communication with ancestors and the decease is common for that reason.

1. Sit still and for a moment  just be present with yourself and concentrate on your breathing.  Take deep breaths and focus on the air entering and exiting your lungs.

2. When you feel centered and balanced, envision in your minds eye a white light flowing down through your crown chakra (crown of your head).  Bring this white light down and surround yourself with it.  Say softly…

“When I am surrounded by the white light,
I am protected and no entity can harm me,
I am safe and protected surrounded by the white light”

3.  You will feel the warmth of the white light surrounded you, if you do not repeat the chat until you do.  Once you are surrounded by the white light, look up at the full moon and gaze deeply into it.

4.  Do not break your  gaze upon the moon, continue starting at it.  Feel it’s power, the energy that radiates off of it.  Now in your minds eye see the energy around the moon and see a moon beam coming down and flowing into you.  Feel the energy of the moon flowing through your body and just bask in the power that is radiating through you.

5.  When you feel charged by the moon you can now open up a dialog with your spirit guide.  Imagine in your minds eye a gateway opening above you.  Know that this gateway connects you with the higher realms.  Remember you are protected by the white light, expand that white light over the gateway and say..

“Only an entity who is good,
seeks to only do good
and will not bring me harm
will pass this gateway.”

6.  You might have an ancestor you wish to speak with, or your higher self, or you just might like to speak one of your spirit guides.  Pick one of those three if this is your first time,  an ancestor, your higher self and a spirit guide will be most willing to come to you and will provide you with protection and guidance.   Once you have selected who you would like to connect with say…


“I open the gateway to the spirit world
I am protected by the white light
I ask that my ____________(Ancestor/Higher Self/ Spirit Guide whichever one you selected)
Come forth and communicate with me.
I call to you from beyond the veil
Come forth and speak to me.
I open my mind to connect with your  essence
I call to you, come to me and reveal your presence.”


7.  At this point you should get a vision or feel the essence of the spirit guide.  If you do not feel anything, repeat what you said above.

8. In your mind ask the spirit guide a question and then quiet your mind and listen for the response.  Repeat the question until you hear a response and can distinguish the spirit guides voice from the thoughts in your mind.  Once that is accomplished you are free to hold a conversation with your spirit guide and ask it any question you desire.

9.  Ask about anything you wish, advice on life and success, money, love, problems you would like answers to, anything just  have a good time connecting with this spirit guide.

10.  Once you have finished your dialog, thank your spirit guide and tell it to return to the spirit world and continue to serve and protect you.

11. Once they leaves through the gateway,  envision the gateway closing, pull the white light back around yourself and open your eyes and stare at the moon again.  Take a deep breath in and now the ritual is complete.

Blessed be,


**note**  This is a rural involving contact with entities.  If you are uncomfortable do not attempt this ritual.  Stay within your comfort zone and make sure to stay safe at all times.  Ritual and spells of this sort are not something to be taken lightly and should only be preformed by an experienced Magician.