Magical oils are used in two ways. They can be used for either ‘anointing’ and ‘dressing.’
  • Anointing means to rub the oil on yourself, another individual, or even an animal.
  • Dressing means to rub the oil on a candle, mojo bag, talisman, or other inanimate object.

The methods used for using oils will vary according to the person doing the work. Therefore, there is no true right or wrong way to use the magic oils.
The directions below are merely a guide and you are encouraged to find what works best for you.

  • If you are anointing yourself or another for the purpose of taking off hexes, banishing illness, or spiritual cleansing, rub the body downward beginning at the head and ending at the foot. Then rub down the arms, out at the hands; and finally down the legs and out the feet and toes.
  • If you are anointing yourself or another to bring in desired conditions, draw love, money, or luck, rub the entire body upwards from the soles of the feet towards the armpits, then from palms of hands to armpits, then up over the head to the mould of the head.

6 great magic oil recipes

1)  Attraction Oil 

Use Attraction oil to attract anything that you desire. 

Lodestones, as natural magnets, have been used for centuries within magick to attract positive forces and repel bad luck.

2)  High John the Conqueror Root Oil 

Use this High John oil for power, mastery, and money.

  • Olive Oil (carrier oil)
  • Clove Essential Oil
  • Whole High John Root (small)
  • High John Root Powder/Chips
  • Cinnamon Powder

3)  Love Me Tender Oil

Use this oil to draw a new love or take a casual relationship to a new level.

  • Grapeseed Oil (carrier)
  • Vanilla Essential Oil
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • Dill Seed
  • Coriander Leaves
  • Cinnamon Chips

4)  Purple Power Same-Sex Oil

Use to attract a gay lover

  • Olive Oil (carrier)
  • 12 Lavender Buds
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil

5)  Trinka-Five Oil For drawing money and prosperity

  • Almond Oil (carrier)
  • Mint Leaves
  • 3 Whole Allspice
  • Thyme
  • Cinnamon Chips

6)  Wishing Well Oil

Use this formula to make wishes come true.

  • Grapeseed Oil (carrier)
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • Whole Dandelion Root
  • Sandalwood
  • Drawing Powder