Use in all protection sachets and spells, also to banish negative energies and spirits It protects against goblins, evil and poison Agrimony has also long been used to reverse spells sent against the magician; i.e. it not only breaks hexes, it also sends them back to the hexer. Agrimony placed under the head will make one sleep as if dead, according to ancient lore, but don’t use this for insomnia: the sleeper won’t awaken until the herb is removed.

Keep in the home to protect from poverty and hunger. It is best placed in in the cupboard or or pantry.

A crown of amaranth flowers worn on the head speeds healing. To make sure that you are never struck by a bullet, pull up a whole amaranth plant (including roots) preferably on a Friday during the Full Moon. Leave an offering to the plant and then fold it, roots and all, in a piece of white cloth. Wear this against your breast and you’ll be ‘bullet-proof.’ The dried amaranth flowers have been used to call forth the dead, and are also carried to cure the affections’; i.e. to mend a broken heart.

Grown, the plant is protective. Use in all protection and exorcism incenses. Sprinkle the four corners of the house with angelica to ward off evil, or do this around the perimeter of the house. Added to the bath angelica removes curses, hexes and any spells that may have been cast against you. The root was carried in the pocket as a gambling talisman among some American Indian tribes. Angelica is also used in healing incenses and mixtures, and smoking the leaves is said to cause visions.

Fill a small pillowcase with anise seeds and sleep on it. This will ensure that you have no nightmares. Use in protection and meditation incenses. Fresh anise leaves placed in a room will drive off evil, and they are sometimes placed around the magic circle to protect the magician from evil spirits. It also averts the evil eye. Anise seed is also used in purification baths, especially with bay leaves. It is used to call forth spirits to aid in magical operations, and a sprig hung on the bedpost will restore lost youth.

A bramble bush that forms a natural arch is a great aid to magical healing. On a sunny day, crawl through the arch backward and then forward three times, going as nearly east to west as possible. This will cause boils, rheumatism, whooping cough and even blackheads to disappear. The blackberry leaves are used in spells of wealth, as are the berries themselves and the vines are protective if grown. this tree several times and the evil shall flee in terror. Barren women walk naked beneath a bodhi tree to become fertile. Use the leaves in meditation incenses and all mixtures designed to give wisdom.

The plant wards off evil spirits. Make an infusion and sprinkle about the house to drive away evil.

Carry the fresh blossoms to strength-en your courage, or place one in your buttonhole for protection when walking outdoors. A tea of Borage induces psychic powers.

An infusion of Buchu, drunk, enables one to foretell the future. Frankincense mixed with Buchu is burned directly before retiring to produce prophetic dreams. Only a small amount should be burned, and this must be in the bedroom.

Branches of the Buckthorn, placed near doors and windows, drive away all enchantments and sorceress, according to Dioscorides. A charming legend concerning the Buckthorn vows that if one sprinkles Buckthorn in a circle and then dances within it under a full Moon, an elf will appear. The dancer must notice the elf and say, ‘Halt and grant my boon!’ before the creature flees. The elf will then grant one wish. I cannot make any guarantees this will happen, however. Buckthorn is also used in legal matters (carried or worn to court, etc.) and as a general good luck generator.

Cast around the home to ward off negativity. Add to protection incenses and use in such spells. Gather burdock roots in the waning Moon, dry and then cut them into small pieces. String these on red thread like beads and wear for protection against evil and negativity. The leaves of the burdock, when laid to the soles of the feet help to cure gout. .

The caraway serves as protection against Lilith, as well as all manners of evil spirits, entities and plain old negativity. It s often carried for this purpose. Any object that holds some caraway seeds is theft-proof.

Cascara Sagrada
Sprinkle an infusion of casa sagrada around your home before g to any court proceeding. It will help win your case. Cascara sagrada is also use in money spells, and worn as an amulet against evil and hexes.

Given to your cat, catnip creates a psychic bond between the two of you. It is also intoxicating to the cat. Catnip is used in love sachets, usually in conjunction with rose petals. If you hold catnip in your hand until it is warm, then hold anyone else’s hand, they will forever be your friend, as long as you keep the catnip you used for the spell in some safe place. Grown near the home or hung over the door, catnip attracts good spirits and great luck. Catnip is also used in spells designed to enhance beauty and happiness. Large catnip leaves are pressed and used as bookmarks in magical texts.

Chew the seeds to aid in concentration, or use in spell pillows to induce sleep. Burned with orrisroot, celery seed increases psychic powers. The stalk, along with the seeds, induces lust when eaten. Witches supposedly ate celery seed before flying off on their brooms that they wouldn’t become dizzy and fall.

The smoke from burning or fuming centaury drives off snakes.

Chamomile is used to attract money and a handwash of the infusion is some times used by gamblers to ensure winnings. It is used in sleep and meditation incenses, and the infusion is also added to the bath to attract love. It is also a purificatory and protective herb. When sprinkled around the property, it removes curses and spells cast against you.

Carry or use in spells designed to attract a love or to maintain a relationship

Chicory is used to remove all obstacles that might crop up in your life. It is carried for this purpose. At one time it was thought to make its possessor invisible, and to open locked boxes and doors if held against the locks. But for these last two purposes, chicory has to be gathered with a gold knife in perfect silence at noon or midnight on Midsummer. If you anoint your body with chicory juice, you will obtain favors from great persons. It is also carried to promote frugality.

Burned as incense, cloves attract riches, drive away hostile and negative forces, produce spiritual vibrations, and purify the area. Cloves are burned as incense to stop others from gossiping about you. Worn or carried, cloves attract the opposite sex and bring comfort to the bereaved. Evil presence’s.

Add to love sachets and use in spells of peace and tranquility. The leaves, when smoked, can cause visions.

Worn or carried, Comfrey protects and ensures safety during travel. Also, tuck some into your suitcases so that they aren’t lost or stolen. The root is also used in money spells.

Damiana is used in lust infusions as well as lust spells. It is also burned to produce visions.

To find out how long you will live, blow the seeds off the head of a dandelion. You will live as many years as there are seeds left on the head. To tell the time: blow three times at the seed head. The number left is the hour. The root, when dried, roasted and ground like coffee, is used to make a tea. This infusion will promote psychic powers. This same tea, steaming and placed beside the bed, will call spirits. To send a message to a loved one, blow at the seed head in his or her direction and visualize your message. Dandelion, buried in the northwest corner of the house, brings favorable winds.

Indians used Echinacea as an offering to spirit and strengthen spells.

Worn, Elecampane attracts love Sew up some of the leaves or flowers in pink cloth, or make a sachet. It is also carried for protection, and the herb smoldered on charcoal aids in sharpening psychic powers, particularly when scrying.

The leaves are used to stuff healing poppets and are carried to maintain good health. To relieve colds, ring greens candles with the leaves and pods and burn them to the socket, visualizing the person (or you) as being completely healthy. Also hang a small branch or twig of eucalyptus over the sick bed. String the immature (green) pods on green thread and wear to help heal sore throats. Placed beneath the pillow, the pods guard against colds. The leaves are also carried for pro-tection.

Grown around the home, fennel confers protection. Wearing a piece of fennel in the left shoe will prevent wood ticks from biting your legs. Fennel is also hung up at windows and doors to ward off evil spirits, and the seeds can be carried for the same reason. Fennel is used in purification sachets, as well as healing mixtures.

To bring money into the household, a few fenugreek seeds can be added to the mop water (or a small amount of a fenugreek infusion). Also, half-fill a small jar with fenugreek and leave open in the house to attract money. Add a few seeds every couple of days until the jar is full; then empty the fenugreek out and begin again. Return the spent herb to the ground.

Carry with you for protection against colds and fevers, as well as accidents.

Hung from the neck, the Figwort keeps the wearer healthy and protects against the evil eye. The plant is also smoked over Midsummer fires and then hung in the home for its protective powers –

Garlic was once worn to guard against the plague. It is still used to absorb diseases. Simply rub fresh, peeled cloves of garlic onto the afflicted part of the body, then throw into running water An old spell utilized garlic in protecting against hepatitis. To do this, simply wear’ thirteen cloves of garlic at the end of cord around the neck for thirteen days On the last day, in the middle of thc night, walk to a corner of an intersection of two streets, remove the necklace throw it behind you and run home with out looking back. Garlic is also extremely protective Sailors carry some while on board ship to protect against its wreckage. Soldiers wore garlic as a defense in the middle ages, while Roman soldiers ate it to give them courage. It is placed in the home to guard against the intrusion of evil, to keep out robbers and thieves, and is hung over the door to repel envious people. Garlic is especially protective in new homes – Worn, garlic guards against foul weather (mountaineers wear it) as well as monsters, and it also shields you from the blows of your enemies. When evil spirits are about, bite into garlic to send them away, or sprinkle powdered garlic on the floor (if you don’t mind smelling it for some time). Garlic is also placed beneath children’s pillows to protect them while asleep, and brides once carried a clove of garlic in the’ pocket for good luck and to keep evil far from her on her big day. Rubbed onto pots and pans before cooking in them garlic removes negative vibrations, which might otherwise contaminate the food. When eaten, garlic acts as a lust. inducer, and when a magnet or lodestone, is rubbed with garlic it loses its magic powers.

Eating ginger before performing spells will lend them power, since you have been ‘heated up’ by the ginger. It is especially true of love spells, in which ginger is much used. Whole ginger roots are planted a grown to attract money, or the powdered root is sprinkled into pockets or onto money for this purpose. Ginger is also used in success spells or to ensure the success of a magical operation. In the Pacific the Dobu islander make much use of ginger in their magic They chew it and spit it at the ‘seat’ of an illness to cure it, and also spit chewed ginger at an oncoming storm, while at sea, to halt it.

The root is carried to attract love as well as to guard one’s health, to draw money, and to ensure sexual potency Ginseng will also bring beauty to all w carry it. Burn ginseng to ward off evil spirits and to break hexes and curses. A tea of ginseng is used as a powerful lust-inducing drink, whether alone or mixed with other like herbs. Hold a ginseng root in your hands, visualize your wish into the root, and throw it into running water. Or, carve your wish onto a root and toss into the water. Ginseng can be a substitute for the mandrake –

Gotu Kola
Use in meditation incenses. Burn small amount prior to (but not during) meditation.

Hawthorn has long been used to increase fertility. Because of this power it is incorporated into weddings, especially those performed in the spring. The leaves, curiously enough, are also used to enforce or maintain chastity or celibacy. The leaves are placed beneath the mattress or around the bedroom for this purpose. Carried in a sachet on a fishing trip hawthorn ensures a good catch, and worn or carried it promotes happiness in the troubled, depressed, or sad. Hawthorn protects against lightning, and in the house in which it resides, no evil ghosts may enter. It is also powerful for protecting against damage to the house from storms. The Romans placed hawthorn in cradles to guard the child from evil spells. In the past most Witch’s gardens contained at least one hawthorn hedge. The hawthorn is sacred to the fairies, and is part of the tree fairy triad of Britain: ‘Oak, Ash and Thorn,’ and where all three trees grow together it is said that one may see fairies.

A pillow stuffed with dried hop; brings on sleep and rest. Hops are also used in healing sachets and incenses.

Horehound is used in protective sachets, and is carried to guard against sorcery and fascination. Horehound is also scattered as an exorcism herb. Drink an infusion of the herb and it will clear your mind and promote quick thinking, as well as strengthen the mental powers. Horehound, when mixed with ash leaves and placed in a bowl of water, releases healing vibrations, and should be placed in a sickroom.

Horseradish root (dried and grated or ground) should be sprinkled around the house, in corners, on the steps outside, and on doorsills. This will make all evil powers clear out, and will diffuse any spells that may have been sent against you.

Whistles made of the stems of the horsetail, when played will call snakes to the musician. Horsetail is also used in fertility mixtures, or placed in the bedroom for this purpose.

Use the bark of the hydrangea to unhex by carrying, scattering around the home, or burning.

Hyssop is the most widely used purification herb in magic. It is added to baths in sachets, infused and sprinkled on objects or persons to cleanse them, and hung up in the home to purge it of evil and negativity.

Irish Moss
Irish moss is carried or placed beneath rugs to increase luck and to ensure a steady flow of money into the house or pockets of the person. Irish moss is also carried while on trips for protection and safety, and is used to stuff luck or money poppets.

Used throughout Europe as a protective herb, Juniper also guards against theft. It was probably one of the earliest incenses used by Mediterranean Witches. Juniper hung at the door protects against evil forces and persons, and it is burned in exorcism rites. A sprig of the plant protects its wearer against accidents and attacks by wild animals. It also guards against ghosts and sickness. Juniper is added to love mixtures, and the berries are carried to increase male potency When carried or burned, juniper helps the psychic powers and breaks hexes and curses, and drives off snakes.

Lady’s Slipper
Lady’s slipper is used in protective sachets as it guards against all manner of hexes, curses, spells and the evil eye

Lemon Grass
Lemongrass planted around the home and in the garden will repel snakes. It is also used in some lust potions, as well as in an infusion to aid in developing psychic powers.

Chewing on a licorice stick (the root, not a piece of candy) will make you passionate. It is also a good practice to use while quitting smoking. Licorice is added to love and lust sachets, carried to attract love, and used in spells to ensure fidelity. Licorice sticks make useful wands.

Throw some powdered lobelia at an oncoming storm to stop its approach. Lobelia is also used to attract a love.

A whole mandrake root, placed on the mantel in the home, will give the house protection, fertility, and prosperity. Mandrake is also hung on the headboard for protection during sleep, carried to at-tract love, and worn to prevent contraction of illnesses. Where there is mandrake, demons cannot reside, and so the root is used in exorcism. To ‘activate’ a dried mandrake root (i.e., to bring its powers out of hibernation), place it in some prominent location in the house and leave it there undisturbed for three days. Then place it in warm water and leave overnight. Afterwards, the root is activated and may be used in any magical practice. The water in which the root has bathed can be sprinkled at the windows and doors of the house to protect it, or onto people to purify them. The mandrake has also long served as a poppet in image magic, but its extreme scarcity and high cost usually forces the magician and Witch to look for substitutes; ash roots, apples, the root of the briony, the American may apple and many others have been used. Money placed beside a mandrake root (especially silver coins) is said to double, and the scent of the mandrake causes sleep.

Marigolds, picked at noon when the Sun is at its hottest and strongest, will strengthen and comfort the heart. Garlands of marigolds strung on the doorposts stop evil from entering the house, and scattered under the bed they protect you while asleep and make your dreams come true, i.e. give you prophetic dreams. Especially effective in discovering a thief who has robbed you. Marigolds added to the bath water help win the respect and admiration of everyone you meet. Looking at the bright flowers strengthens the sight, and carried in the pocket, marigold helps justice to smile favorably upon you while in court. If a girl touches the petals of the marigold with her bare feet, she will understand the languages of the birds.

Marjoram is used in love spells is also added to food to Strengthen Carried it is protective, as it placed around the house, a bit room, and renewed each month. in the garden it offers Shielding against evil. Violets Given to a depressed person, marjoram brings happiness It is also used in money mixtures and sachets.

Long used for protection against lightning, disease, and misfortune of every kind, fires and so on, it is carried or placed in an appropriate spot for these uses. The leaves and berries are used. Mistletoe is placed in cradles to protect children from being stolen by fairies and replaced with changelings. A ring carved of mistletoe wood will ward off sicknesses when worn and the plant will cure fresh wounds quickly when carried (do not apply to the wound). Mistletoe is also carried or worn for good luck in hunting, and women carry the herb to aid in conception. It has also been utilized in spells designed to capture that elusive state of immortality, and to open locks. Laid near the bedroom door, mistletoe gives restful sleep and beautiful dreams, as it does when placed beneath the pillow or hung at the headboard. Kiss your love beneath mistletoe and you’ll stay in love. Burned, mistletoe banishes evil. Wear it around your neck to attain invisibility. Mistletoe is an all-purpose herb.

Mullein is worn to keep wild animals from you while hiking in untamed areas. It also instills courage in the bearer, and a few leaves placed in the shoe keeps one from catching a cold. Mullein is also carried to obtain love from the opposite sex. Stuffed into a small pillow or placed beneath your pillow mullein guard against nightmares In India, mullein is regarded as the most potent safeguard against evil spirits and magic, and is hung over doors, in windows, and carried in sachets. It is also used to banish demons and negativity. In the Ozarks, men performed a simple love divination. The man went to a clearing where a mullein grew and bent it down so that it pointed toward his love’s house. If she loved him the mullein would grow upright again; if she loved another it would die. Graveyard dust-an infrequent ingredient in spells-can be substituted with powdered mullein leaves. At one time Witches and magicians used oil lamps to illuminate their spells and rites, and the downy leaves and stems of the mullein often provided the wicks.

The Hindus used mustard seed to travel through the air. A more down-to-Earth use is carrying mustard seed in a red cloth sachet to guard against colds and to increase mental powers. Italian peasants sprinkle mustard seed on the doorsill for protective reasons, and mustard seed buried under your doorstep will keep all manner of supernatural beings from your home. When eaten mustard seed increases fertility in women.

Burned as incense myrrh purifies the area, lifts the vibrations and creates peace. However, it is rarely burned alone, usually in conjunction with frankincense or other resins. Myrrh increases the power of any incense to which it is added. Myrrh is also included in healing incenses and sachets, and its smoke is used to consecrate purify, and bless objects such as amulets, talisman, charms, and magical tools. Myrrh aids meditation and contemplation. It is often added to sachets, usually with frankincense.

The protective powers of the nettle have long been used in magic. To remove a curse and send it back, stuff a poppet with nettle, or carry some in a sachet. Also, sprinkle nettle around the house to keep evil out and to send it back. Nettle is also thrown onto a fire to avert danger, held in the hand to ward off ghosts, carried with yarrow to allay fear, and worn as an amulet to keep negativity far away. A pot of freshly cut nettles placed beneath a sickbed will aid in the person’s recovery. Nettle has sometimes been used as a lust Inducing herb, and contemporary Mexican spiritualists recommend its use in purification baths because it is ‘more carnivorous’ than other herbs, and so will work more efficiently.

The papaya has long been used in magical rites. One of the simplest of these is to tie a rag around a limb of a papaya tree while visualizing your need. Hang several twigs of papaya wood over the doorsill; this will keep evil from entering the house. Eat the fruit and serve to a loved one; it will intensify feelings of love.

When eaten, parsley provokes lust and promotes fertility, but if you are in love don’t cut parsley-you’ll cut your love as well. Though the plant has associations with death and is often regarded as evil, the Romans tucked a sprig of parsley into their togas every morning for protection. It is also placed on plates of food to guard it from contamination. Parsley is also used in purification baths, and those to stop all misfortune. A wreath of parsley worn on the head prevents (or delays) inebriation.

Passion Flower
Contrary to its name, the passion flower is placed in the house to calm problems and troubles, and to bring peace. Carried, it attracts friends and great popularity. Placed below the pillow it aids in sleep.

The fruit, when eaten, induces love, and so a peach or peach pie served a desired one may help to win his or her heart. Branches of the peach tree are used to drive off evil spirits in China, and also to root out illnesses. Children in China wear a peach pit suspended about the neck to keep demons away. Carrying a bit of peach wood will increase one’s life span and may even lead to immortality. The Japanese use the peach to increase fertility, and branches of the tree are utilized as divining and magical wands

Pennyroyal placed in the shoe prevents weariness during travel and strengthens the body in general. When worn it acts against the evil eye and aids in making business deals. When given to quarreling couples it will cause them to cease their fighting, and so pennyroyal is an herb of peace. it is also carried on board ships to prevent seasickness –

Peppermint has long been used in healing and purification spells. Its presence raises the vibrations of an area. Smelled, it compels one toward sleep, and placed beneath the pillow it sometimes offers one glimpses of the future in dreams. It is rubbed against furniture, walls and floorboards to cleanse them of evil and negativity. Pliny stated that peppermint excites love, and so can be added to this type of mixture.

A powerful magical herb, periwinkle should be gathered according to strict procedures before it is of any efficacy in magic. It is to be gathered when one is ‘clean of every uncleanness’ when the Moon is one night old, nine nights old, eleven nights old or thirteen nights old, and the following incantation should be uttered while plucking the plant: I pray thee, vinca pervinca, thee that art to be had for thy many useful qualities, that thou come to me glad blossoming with thy mainfulness, that thou outfit me so that I be shielded and prosperous and undamaged by poisons and water. After this the plant is carried to obtain grace, to attract money, and to protect against snakes, poison, wild beasts, terror, the evil eye and spirits. It is, placed over the door to protect the home. Periwinkle is utilized in love and is thought to increase one’s passions when carried or sprinkled under the bed. When gazed upon it restores lost memories.

Bind the plantain with red wool to the head to cure headaches, and place beneath the feet to remove weariness. Plaintain is also hung in the car to guard against the intrusion of evil spirits. A piece of the root in the pocket protects “its bearer from snakebites

Prickly Ash
Use the fruits of the prickly ash as a perfume to attract love.

Quassia is used in love mixtures, both to draw and to maintain love. The powdered wood is used in incense bases. .

Red Raspberry
The brambles (branches) of red raspberry are hung up at doors and windows for protection. This is also done when a death has occurred, so that flu spirit won’t reenter the house once it has left. Raspberry is served as a love inducing food, and the leaves are carried by pregnant women to alleviate the pain of pregnancy and childbirth.

Wear a piece of rhubarb root around the neck on a string to protect against pains in the stomach. Rhubarb pie served to a mate helps to maintain his or her fidelity. .

Rosemary, when burned, emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations, and so is smoldered to rid a place of negativity, especially prior to performing magic. It is one of the oldest incenses. When placed beneath the pillow rosemary ensures a good sleep and drives away nightmares. Laid under the bed it protects the sleeper from all harms. Rosemary is also hung on the porch and doorposts to keep thieves from the house and is carried to remain healthy. Placed in the bath it purifies. A chaplet of rosemary, worn, aids the memory, while the wood, smelled often, preserves youthfulness. To ensure the latter add a rosemary infusion to the bath water. Rosemary has long been used in love and lust incenses and other mixtures, and healing poppets are stuffed with rosemary to take advantage of its curative vibrations. Rosemary infusion is used to wash the hands before healing work, and the leaves mixed with juniper berries are burned in sickrooms to promote healing. If you wish to receive knowledge or the answer to a question, burn rosemary on charcoal and smell its smoke – Rosemary is also grown to attract elves, and the powdered leaves wrapped in linen cloth and bound to the right arm dispel depression and make the emotions light and merry. Rosemary is generally used as a substitute for frankincense.

Rue leaves placed on the head relieve headaches. Worn around the neck rue aids in recuperation from illnesses and also wards off future problems. Rue is added to healing poppets. Fresh rue, sniffed, clears trouble in love matters and also improves processes. Rue added to baths breaks hexes and curses that may have been cast upon you, and it is also added to exorcism incenses and mixtures. The fresh leaves rubbed on the boards of your house sends back any ill spell against you. The Romans ate rue preservative against the evil eye, and it was also carried to guard the bear poisons, werewolves, and all manner of ills.

The infusion, drunk, enables you to foresee the future, and simply ingesting saffron dispels melancholy. In fact, one early author warns against eating too much saffron lest one should ‘die of excessive joy’! Saffron in the home keeps lizards from venturing in, and wearing a chaplet of saffron will protect you from inebriation. Sheets were rinsed with a saffron infusion in Ireland so that the arms and legs would be strengthened during sleep, and the ancient Persians utilized saffron to raise the wind.

Sage has been utilized to ensure a long life-sometimes-even immortality. This is done by eating some of the plant every day, or at least in May, for: Sage is carried to promote wisdom, He who would live for aye Must eat sage in May. and the leaves are used in countless healing and money spells. To guard you against contracting the dreaded evil eye wear a small horn filled with sage. There are a few curious gardening tips concerning sage: first, it is bad luck to plant sage in your own garden; A stranger should be found to do the work; Second, a full bed of sage brings ill I so ensure that some other plant shares plot. Incidentally, toads love sage.

St. Johnswort
Worn, St. John’s Wort wards off fevers and colds, makes soldiers invincible, and attracts love. If it is gathered on Midsummer or on a Friday and worn it will keep mental illness at hay and will also cure melancholy. When placed in a jar and hung by a window, St. John’s Wort protects against thunderbolts, fire and evil spirits. Both flowers and leaves are used for this purpose. It is also dried over the Midsummer fires and hung near the window to keep ghosts, necromancers and other evil doers from the house, and is burned to banish spirits and demons. Any part of the herb placed beneath the pillow allows unmarried women to dream of their future husbands. Use in rituals or carry to detect other magicians; at one time it was held to the mouth of accused Witches to attempt to force them to confess.

Sarsaparilla is mixed with cinnamon and sandalwood powder and sprinkled around the premises to draw money. It is also utilized in love spells.

Sassafras is placed in the purse or wallet to attract money, or is burned for this purpose. It is also added to sachets and spells designed to aid healing.

Scullcap is used in spells of relaxation and peace. A woman who wears Scullcap protects her husband against the charms of other women.

Magical Uses: Use Senna in love spells.

Slippery Elm
Burn Slippery elm and throw the fire a knotted yellow cord or thread. Any gossip against you will. Slippery elm bark worn about a neck will give it a persuasive use when fully grown.

Spearmint is used in all healing applications, especially in aiding lung diseases. Smelled, spearmint increases and sharpens mental powers. For protection while asleep.

Spikenard worn around the neck brings good luck and wards off disease

Burn the root to develop psychic If you have lost something, burn stillengia and follow the smoke to its hiding place.

Strawberries are served as a love food, and the leaves are carried for luck. Pregnant women may wish to carry a small packet of strawberry leaves to ease their pregnancy pains.

Thyme is burned to attract good health and is also worn for this purpose. It is also used in healing spells. Placed beneath the pillow, it ensures restful sleep and a pleasant lack of nightmares. Worn, thyme aids in developing psychic powers, and women who wear a sprig of thyme in the hair make themselves irresistible. Thyme is also a purificatory herb; the Greeks burned it in their temples to purify them and so thyme is often burned prior to magical rituals to cleanse the area. In spring a magical cleansing bath composed of marjoram and thyme is taken to ensure all the sorrows and ills of the past are removed from the person. Thyme is also carried and smelled to give courage and energy. If you wear it you will be able to see fairies.

Uva Ursi
Add to sachets designed to increase psychic powers.

The rather ill smelling root, powdered, is used in protective sachets, hung in the home to guard it against lightning, and placed in pillows to aid in falling asleep. .
Used mainly for cleansing baths and incenses before working magick as it both cleanses and protects any negative influences. Used in amulets, sachets, dream pillows, oils, incense and baths purifying and protecting people, (especially children) and home. Spiritual manifestations and creativity. Ritual cleansing or sacred space, magical cleansing baths,purification incenses. Hang over the bed to prevent nightmares. Love and protection charms, Vervain is also an excellent for use in prosperity charms and spells as it brings good luck and inspiration. Vervain is traditionally gathered at Midsummer or at the rising of the Dog Star when neither sun nor moon is out, but this is not necessary. Vervain is a common ingredient in love mixtures and protective spells. A crown of vervain on the head protects the magician while invoking spirits. Any part of the plant may be carried as a personal amulet.
Vervain placed in the home protects from lightening and storms. The infusion sprinkled around the premises chases off evil spirits and malignant forces. Vervan is added to exorcisim incenses and sprinkling mixtures. It is a common ingredient in purifacation bath sachets. The dried herb is scattered around the home as a peace-bringer and is worn to calm the emotions. Vervain is used in money and prosperity spells. If the herb is buried in garden or placed in the house wealth will flow and plants will thrive. To remain chaste for long periods of time, rise before the Sun on the first day of the new Moon. Gather vervain (still before sunrise), press out its juice, and drink it down. According to ancient instructions, it will cause you to lose the desire for sex for seven years. Vervain carried may offer everlasting youth, and when placed in the bed, hing around the neck or made into an infusion and drunk prior to sleep no dreams will haunt you. Vervain is a fine healing herb. The undiluted juice of vervain smeared on the body cures diseases and guards against future health problems. To aid in recuperation the root tied with a yard of white yarn
is placed around the patient’s neck. It should remain there until recovery. The juice of the vervain, smeared on the body, will allow the person to see the future, have every wish fullfilled, turn enemies into friends, attract lovers, and be protected against all encchantments. Burnt, it dispels unrequited love.
VIOLET (Viola odorata) When the flowers are carried they offer protection and bring changes in luck and fortune. Mixed with lavender, they are a powerful Jove stimulant and also arouse lust. If you gather the first Violet in the spring dearest wish will be granted. Ancient Greeks wore the violet to induce sleep.

Willow leaves are carried or used in mixtures to attract love, and the wood is used to fashion magical wands dedicated to Moon Magic. If you wish to know if you will be married in the new year, on New Year’s Eve throw your shoe or boot into a willow tree. If it doesn’t catch and stay in the branches the first time, you have eight more tries. If you succeed in trapping your shoe in the tree you will be wed within 12 months-but you’ll also have to shake or climb the tree to retrieve your shoe. All parts of the willow guard against evil and can be carried or placed in the home for this purpose. Knock on a willow tree (‘knock on wood’) to avert evil. The leaves, bark and wood of the willow are also utilized in healing spells. If you wish to conjure spirits, mix crushed willow bark with sandalwood and burn at the waning Moon outdoors. Magical brooms, especially Witch’ brooms, are traditionally bound with willow branch.

Wintergreen is placed in children’s pillows to protect them and grant them good fortune throughout their lives. When sprinkled in the home it removes hexes and cures, especially when mixed with mint. Wintergreen is also utilized in healing spells, and when fresh sprigs are placed on the altar they call good spirits to witness and aid your magic.

Witch Hazel
Witch hazel has long been used to fashion divining rods, hence the common name. The bark and twigs are also used to protect against evil influences. If carried, witch hazel helps to mend a broken heart and cool the passions.

Wormwood is burned in incenses designed to aid in developing psychic powers, and is also worn for this purpose. Carried, wormwood protects not only against bewitchment, but also from the bite of sea serpents. Also, according to ancient traditions, it counteracts the effects of poisoning by hemlock and toadstools, but 1 wouldn’t bet my life on its effectiveness in this area. Hung from the rear-view mirror wormwood protects the vehicle from accidents on treacherous roads. Wormwood is also sometimes used in love infusions, probably because it was once made into an alcoholic beverage called absinthe. This highly addictive and dangerous liqueur is now outlawed or banned in many countries, but the reputation lingers and wormwood is still used in love mixtures. One such use is to place it under the bed to draw a loved one. Wormwood is also burned to summon spirits. It is sometimes mixed with sandalwood for this purpose. If burned in graveyards the spirits of the dead will rise and speak, according to old grimoires.

When worn, yarrow protects the wearer, and when held in the hand, it stops all fear and grants courage – A bunch of dried yarrow hung over the bed or yarrow used in wedding decorations ensures a love lasting at least seven years. Yarrow is also used in love spells. Carrying yarrow not only brings love but it also attracts friends and distant relations you wish to contact. It draws the attention of those you most want to see. The flowers are made into an infusion and the resulting tea is drunk to improve psychic powers.

Yerba Santa
Yerba Santa is carried to improve or to attain beauty, and the infusion is added to baths for the same reason. The leaves are added to healing incenses and are worn around the neck to ward off illnesses and wounds. It is also carried for spiritual strength, to increase psychic powers and to protect the bearer.

A hoop or loop of twisted yucca fibers will transmute a person into an animal if he or she jumps through it, according to American Indian magic. An-other method instructs the magician to place a small wreath of yucca fibers on his or her head. This allows the person to assume any form desired. A cross of yucca fibers twisted together and placed on the hearth protects the house from evil. Suds made from the yucca plant are used in purifying the body before magic. If a spell to remove curses or illnesses is performed, repeat the yucca-suds bath afterward to ensure that all traces of the evil or sicknesses are removed.