As a witch or warlock, you will need to know about the times and seasons of the witches’ year. These are the correct times when you will be able to recharge your magical batteries and draw down to yourself the new currents of elemental power to work your spells.

The elemental power tides of the universe are marked by the movements of the stars, the sun, and the moon. Though these heavenly bodies are not the actual sources of the power, they are the main indicators of its ebb and flow in our universe.

Whenever you wish to perform a magical act, you must work taking these power tides into consideration, in the same way a navigator of a boat times his movements to utilize the sea tides to his best advantage. Of course, you can work against the tide, but it is self-defeating for the beginner, and is best left for times of emergency or until such a time as you have reached a degree of sureness in your practice.

The sun and the moon are the two great hands of our cosmic clock. Whereas the hour hand or sun governs the seasons of the year, the moon or minute hand governs the sea tides and the hidden workings of the deep mind. As such, this heavenly body rather than the sun is the main concern of witches.

In European mythology the sun has always been seen as a symbol of a male divinity, the moon a female one. However, worship of the moon as a supreme deity evolved much earlier than that of the sun. It is said among witches that in England at least the cult of the moon goddess predated the Druidic, solar religion, and that it is from this early Prytanic religion that four of the great annual witch festivals are derived.

Basically, there are two sides to the moon’s character; when she is waxing, the bright moon; and when she is waning, dark of the moon.

All spells of a constructive nature should be performed when the moon is bright, that is, waxing to full. These would include love magic of any sort, sorcery designed to bring luck or success, fertility charms, protection, countermagic, and of course divination.

An old witch verse goes thus:

Pray to the Moon when she is round

Luck with you shall then abound

What you seek for shall be found

In sea or sky or solid ground …

As soon as the full moon is passed, we embark upon the dark of the moon, as the light wanes and nights get blacker. During this period you will perform all operations of a destructive or “black” nature, such as spells of attack and vengeance, binding operations (ligature) to prevent people from doing certain things, agricultural magic designed to eliminate pests or weeds, charms to cool off passions in another, and certain works of necromancy, that is, summoning ghosts of the dead.

phases of the moon for magic

The Moon Phases

The moon waxes and wanes each month, rising an hour or so later during each twenty-four hour period. When it is full, it rises as the sun sets.

There are different types of spells traditionally performed at the phases of the moon. More complicated patterns exist, relating to the specific day of each lunar month, but these methods are rarely followed today.

The moon’s phases and the types of magic appropriate to them are:


Waxing Moon  (from new to full)

When the moon is waxing, it is time for beginnings, health and healing, psychic awareness, beauty, fertility, and all positive magical workings.



All positive magical spells are performed beneath the potent glow of the full moon, including protection, love, healing, purification, psychic awareness, money and travel.


Waning Moon  (from full to new)

This is the time for banishment of habits, addictions, disease and negative thoughts. Jealousy, guilt, and hurts are released under the waning moon. The old is swept away to make room for the new.


So these then are the red-letter days on your witches’ calendar. There are quite a lot of them. Thirteen full moons and thirteen new moons……


Lady Dawn