Ocean Jasper is one of my favorite jaspers. She is unique and beautiful and reminds us we are all unique and beautiful as well. Just holding this stone can bring more joy and positivity.

Like all Jaspers, she is very grounding and nurturing, but she is also connected to the Sea which is connected to the Moon. She connects us to our own tides and water energy within us.

She gently nurtures our womb, heart, and throat chakras, allowing us to experience joy and happiness through each one. She soothes tensions and she as known as a deep healer, healing on the cellular level. She helps with PMS, digestive issues, and skin aliments.

Try this: “Ocean Breath” or Ujjayi Pranayama while holding your Ocean Jasper to connect you to your tidal breath… your ebb and flow. Breathe deeply in and out. And while you are exhaling, from the back of your throat, slightly constrict the air passage as if you are fogging a mirror. Breathe deeply again, from the nose, but close your mouth while making the fogging breath. Focus on this breathe as a meditation. You can even sway with this tidal rhythm while connecting with your stone.


This week, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you connected to the ocean?
  2. How will you work with jasper?
  3. How did you work with jasper?


Blessings to you and yours