Tarot symbology

How do you interpret the symbology?

Blonde Gypsy demonstrates in this video.

How can you learn how to learn to interpret the tarot symbols?

  • Place the cards, face down, on the table in the same order they were selected and in the layout style you have chosen.
  • Close your eyes, then as soon as your centered on the first card, turn it over and open your eyes.
  • Focus on the first thing you see and make note of what it looks like or reminds you of.
  • Don’t look at the entire card, try not to notice it’s the 2 of cups for instance, just focus on one specific symbolic image. For Example: A card may have a cup pouring water out into a stream, but what you see is, water from a waterfall, pouring into a cup. In this example you may interpret the image as ‘life is filling up your cup, replenishing you and giving you the gifts of life.’ If the card was reversed, you might see water from the cup pouring out into the river. In this you might feel the message being given is ‘life is pouring out, the energies are becoming depleted. The point is, what you see and what you feel will determine the meaning of the symbolic images.
  • Next, concentrate on the images around that spot, moving outward until you can focus on the entire card.
  • Continue this process until you’ve moved out to see the whole card.
  • Then try to summarize all the symbols you picked up on. For instance, building on the previous example of the cup..as you move your view outward you see a pyramid shape..you may interpret this as a symbol for a desert, you may get the feeling that the client has just come out of a desolate or dry period in their life, one with out feelings or emotions. So now, the waterfall filling up the cup takes on a new meaning. The waterfall of life, the universal stream is pouring into the clients life, adding meaning and emotions to their existence. Opening them up to a new growth period, after all you need water to grow veggies in your garden.
  • Use this method for each card in the spread.
  • Once all the cards have been shown, try to put the overall meaning of the entire spread together.
  • When you have examined each card and tried to interpret the meaning for yourself, check your divination against your accompanying book or pamphlet.
  • Take notice at how much more information you gained by relying on your own instincts, how more accurate your reading is to the clients current situation.

With each divination you will gain confidence, your abilities and interpretations will increase and become more and more accurate.

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The Gypsy Tattoo Fortune Telling Cards

In the video above, Blonde Gypsy uses the gorgeous “Gypsy Tattoo Old Skool Fortune Telling Cards” by Paris DeBono

Aussie Paris Debono is not just an artist, not just a fortune teller – he is a universe of creativity and energy!