I think the most important part of making a voodoo doll, is when you “bring the doll” to life!. You tell your baby – “Wake up, it’s time to go to work for me. I have something for you for you to do.”

When you create a voodoo doll to represent a person in a spell, you have to magically link it to the person whom it represents.

For example you can:

  • Sewing a hair of the person into it,
  • stuffing the person’s name-paper into its head,
  • gluing a photo of the person’s face on the voodoo face

Once the doll is complete, the doll must be told who it is!

I was taught how to do this years ago by a guy named “Arthur” in Sydney Australia. His father has brought him to Australia as a boy from Africa. The family were all practicing healers of sorts. He called this process or spell: “baptising the dollie.”

He held the voodoo doll in his left hand on its back, drew a cross over it in the air with his right index and middle finger (like a Christian blessing gesture), and then held his open, slightly cupped right hand, palm down, in the air over it, but not touching it, as he said:

[John Doe] you are,
[downward stroke of cross on name]
And [John Doe] to me
[cross-stroke of sross on name]
You will always be.
[hand pauses, then over dollie for next part]
You will think what i tell you to think,
Walk where i tell you to walk,
Talk when i tell you to talk,
Do what i tell you to,
Go where i send you,
And speak when you’re spoken to.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Another time when i asked this man to repeat the spell, he baptised the dollie with a different speech, spoken with more angry conviction:


[John Doe] you are,
[downward stroke of cross on name]
And [John Doe] to me
[cross-stroke of sross on name]
You will always be.
[hand pauses, then over dollie for next part]
From this time henceforward,
You will go where i send you …
And i’m gon’ send you to *Hell*
In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


Thus i came to understand that after the first three spoken lines with the drawing of the cross, he improvised or rapped the rest of the baptism depending upon the circumstances. There was no one set way he would say it, as there is among the German and British folks with their carefully memorized spoken rhymes.

I have adapted his form and i use it with success, modifying it on the spot as the need arises, to baptise both love-dolls and destruction dolls.

And speaking of love-dolls — that’s something many folks don’t know enough about, because the books on “spooky voodoo” focus mostly on sticking pins into dolls.

Several years ago, i was taught a very nice binding love-doll spell by a young woman. She baptised the voodoo doll by saying:

You are [John Doe],
in the name of the Father,
the Son,
and the Holy Ghost,

Then she wrapped it up in her soiled underpants and, as she did so, she talked very sweetly to it like this,


“[Johnny], honey, i’m gonna let you in my panties now.
That’s where you’re gonna stay. I’m gonna cover up your
eyes [covering doll’s head with the underwear] so you
can’t look at no other woman. You just gonna stay in
my panties, [Johnny], until i let you loose. “

The underwear was tied in a knot around the doll and the
doll hidden where the man could not find it. At intervals
she would take the doll out, she said, and kiss it,
sweet-talk to it, and rub it on her breasts to love it up.
Then she would re-wrap it in the underwear and put it away.

I hope this has given you some ideas on how to bring your voodoo dolls to life! If you have a different technque, please let me know.

I am also putting together a new Voodoo Doll lesson for 2015 right now, and it should be ready by Nov 1.

Blessed be,

Witch S.