Healing the body

This spell works on a simple principle, that of identifying within the body whether the pain it is suffering is physical, emotional or, as is often the case, has a more deep-rooted spiritual component.

It uses visualization and color as its vehicles and calls on Raphael the Archangel of Healing for help.

You will need

Draw three concentric circles.
The inner one should be purple, the middle yellow and the outer red.

Add a circle for the head and lines for the legs, so you have drawn a representation of yourself.

Now, thinking of any health difficulties you have, with the black marker put a small mark on the drawn ‘body’ to represent that pain.

Keep your pen in contact with the paper and ask Raphael for help.
You might say:

Raphael, Raphael Angel of ease
Help me to understand this pain please

You should find that your mark is closer to one circle than the other.
Remembering that this method is not a self diagnostic tool at all – it is simply
designed to help you to come to terms with the pain or difficulty – note which
colour this is:

  • Red represents pain which is purely physical
  • Yellow usually signifies an emotional cause
  • Purple tends to have a more spiritual basis

Sit quietly and draw that color into yourself as though you were marking within your body where the pain is.
Next mentally flood that part of your body with white light.

For the next two days sit quietly and make the invocation to Raphael again.

Repeat the drawing in of color and the flooding with white light
At the end of that time you should begin to have an understanding of the causes of your pain and how your body is reacting to trauma.

It must be stressed that this method is not designed as a substitute for medical diagnosis. It is a method of pain management which links with subtle energies to bring about healing on different levels. You may need to explore further some of the insights this gives you.

Raphael is the archangel linked to healing. Here are some recommended products and oils to help you connect on a deeper level with Raphael.

Use this anointing oil to aid you in summoning and praying to Raphael, the archangel frequently revered and prayed to as the angel of healing.

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