Some may wonder why I occasionally post information about the sun, moon & planets on this page – particularly since I’m not an astrologer.  The fact is, the sun, moon & planets have a tremendous influence on the earth & on us!  When it comes down to basics, the earth’s atmosphere didn’t stabilize until we had the moon’s influence, which also affects the ocean’s tides & reproductive cycles of nature.  Considering that we are primarily composed of water… the moon’s phases also influence our bodies, as well.


The sun controls our seasons, as well as the environment.  Solar flares disrupt energy in & around the earth & it’s also been proven that we carry electrical impulses within our body through the nervous system – so yes, it influences us, too.  The other planets can also affect us, as their gravitational pull can & does affect different aspects of life here on earth and the earth’s magnetic field, which is crucial to our survival.  (Yes, I’m a science & physics geek)


So you see, whether or not you believe in astrology or horoscopes, the sun, moon & planets greatly affect us & the earth.  When they are unstable – we are unstable.  Their balance is crucial to our survival!  Most people believe that things will go on continuously & never change – but that’s not what happens.  Everything in nature is a cycle, hot/cold, wet/dry, tropical/frozen… it is all a VERY delicate balance.  Sometimes things get a little out of balance & need a correction – that’s when we pray & ask for healing for those elements.


This isn’t science fiction – it’s science fact!  The earth is on borrowed-time & is due for another ice age.  This will be controlled through the earth’s magnetic field, as well as the position of the sun and moon.  So few people realize that all of this could be gone – literally in minutes.  An asteroid or massive solar flare could strike the earth’s surface & we could be thrown back into another ice age… with absolutely no notice.


This isn’t about worshiping the sun (as some have accused me of doing), it’s about praying for it’s continued health & healing it when things go awry.  Same thing for the moon, although fortunately it doesn’t have flares that can damage our delicate eco-systems.


I believe in God & that he gave us ‘free will’.  That ‘free-will’ can be used with whatever we want to do with our lives.  We can use it to follow our path, to help affect change in our lives & others or even helping the world.  We have the resources of the Angels, who God has given us as resources to help effect change in our lives & our world.  There is nothing Biblically wrong with asking to help heal the world, the sun, the moon or the planets!  It is only in the minds of those who are so narrow-minded that they can’t think outside their own personal selfish world, where something like this could remotely be considered wrong.


Take a look around you.  There are weather anomalies going on all over the world.  Does this concern you?  Do you think that it might be the beginning of something larger?  I & many others believe that these are the warning signs & that if we don’t do something to help – we may no longer have this amazing home in which to live.  I, for one, really would not like for that to happen!  So… I ask everyone to help pray for the health of the sun, the moon & the earth.  That all of their energies remain balanced & whole, and that their magnetic fields remain strong & healthy.


Just like the human body, when things get out of balance – the entire entity starts weakening & going down-hill, sometimes to it’s demise.  Do you want that for this planet, our home?  I don’t!


So please join me in helping to heal the earth, the sun & the moon.  These are not false gods – they are what keeps us alive!  Pray for their strength & continued existence so that we may all have a beautiful home in which to live for many millennia to come.


Say a prayer of healing so we can continue to have a healthy home.


Lady Hannah – BWC Teacher of White Magic