Washing of Soils


Take this heavy burden of illness

Wash away that which I know is poison

The bad energies circle me and prey on me

Wash them away so that I may find inner peace.



Release!  Remove the plagues of this body!

No more suffer the pain and ache of sickness!

Snake the enemy from this body and make it clean

No more will the infiltrating intruders feed upon me

Cleanse, heal and replenish that which they have taken!



No longer welcome are the evil sprites

Cast away the feeders on this flesh and bone


You will find no refuge here!

Be gone and take your troubles with you!


Restore this body to what it was before

And dispel the granular evil is has caused!

Impenetrable Armor


Raise the walls of the guard

Create a field of unwavering energy

Refuse entrance to any questionable character

For my protection is your certain task

Keep me safe from all entity searching for no good

Keep me safe from those wishing ill-will for me

Immune System Boost


Guard from the germs that seek haven in my body

Boost and amplify the power of my immune system

Knowing this will be in effect for 24 hours!

Mood Lift


I am irritated today

And it is affecting my life’s outcome

Lighten the weight of anger and disruption

Give me a positive gain

So that I can feel a lesser sense of irritability

Energy Tap


I am lacking in motivation

It is difficult to succeed in any task

I need a shot of adrenaline

So that I can complete my projects

Give me a tap of great energy

So I feel more alive and productive!

Muscle Relax


I can feel the strong fingers penetrating my muscles

Round and round the burn of glorious relief!

With each passing my tension lessens

I feel flexibility and warm joy

Each pressing dissolves the stiff nature

And gives me the gift of movement!

Strengthen Body Part


I wish the abilities of (speak body part name) be fortified

That I can flex and use my (speak body part name)

With a renewed sense of purpose and ability

Make my (speak body part name) a tool of reckoning!

Refresh Body


Ah to feel the cool waters of the Nile

Wash over my body and refresh its physical domain

It is a great and wonderful gift that you send

And I relish in knowing I am stronger for it!

Refresh the energy, strength and endurance of the earthly shell!