Black witch s and Lady Issa share this free Pagan beauty spell. 

You need:

•1 wine glass of water

•1 pinch of salt

•1 red candle

•1 light blue candle

•1 red rose (no scars or imperfections for best results)

•1 round hand-held mirror

Drop the pinch of salt into the glass of water saying:
“Beauty be within me. 

Beauty now set me free.”
Carve the symbol of sex into the red candle. Carve a mirror symbol into the light blue one. Light the two candles, first the light blue one and then the red. Lay the mirror between the two candles and scry into your reflection.
Drop the rose petals, one by one onto the mirror. Then drink the water and say:
“Beauty, beauty come to me.

Beauty, beauty set me free.”
Let the candles burn down all the way.