Would you like to be more grounded on your rituals, or spells? Perfection in them is an open door to new dimensions of success or greatness that could boost your morale as a witch or wizard. It is often used to define the strength or potency of your magic.

Rituals can create a confusing area for contemporary witches. Among thousands of witchcraft available online and in books and other publications, many of them are recreated versions of each other. There are many types of rituals or spells, so it can be extremely difficult to filter it all and look for certain ritual that speaks to you. Therefore, it is essential for one to learn how to create their rituals, a ritual that comes within you.

Though creating your own rituals might be tricky and challenging as an amateur witch or wizard may think, but once they look at the fundamental structure of a ritual, it is just like all “fill in the blanks” type of an already customized one. Notwithstanding that though, the idea of using imagination and creativity within a customized ritual feels like quite too much to do, so it’s still great to use prewritten rituals and put a little “magic” on it.

The fundamental rule in creating witch craft rituals is to first and foremost understand the purpose of having a particular ritual. Though the idea of research might be a bit tiring, before sitting down to start formulating your own ritual, there is a lot of personal work to be done in order for the ritual to be effective. It is good to have in mind that rituals must not have to be elaborately worded affairs that might take long hours to perform. Some of the most effective rituals are the ones who come directly from the heart. Some two very important, and well used steps, their importance and objectives of use are going to be elaborately discussed in the next paragraph.

Casting the circle is the well-known step used by witches which entails creating or forming a circle. This circle could be drawn out physically or imaginary. The space within the circle is said to be sacred and considered to be “between two worlds”. This helps in keeping the growing energy inside the circle, keeping unwanted energy away.

Many spells and rituals start with the instruction: “Cast a circle, and then…” At this point you’re probably wondering, what exactly is this magical circle? Why do you need to cast it? And what’s the best way to do it?

A magical circle is an energetic atmosphere that you build or envision around yourself before casting a spell, when trying to perform a ritual. This process could differ based on the number of people, and its purpose. For a solitary witch or wizard, the diameter is usually around 5 or 6 feet, but expands based on the size of the coven. Other times, the circle could be represented by something in the physical world, such as a ring of candles, coven of witches or wizards hold hands around a circle, scarves or perhaps symbolic items at the four cardinal points.

A reason for use of the circle is the fact that it provides protection. It is cast with the intention that only energies that are positive and beneficent to the individual casting it may enter or dwell within. This way, when the witch or wizard is open to the energetic realm, they need not worry about picking up energies or currents that are not for their benefit. It also serves as a container for personal energy as well as the energy being conjured. Your power as a magical practitioner is made clear and defined by the circle.

Casting a circle can be done in many different ways, depending on the taste of the person performing. Magical practitioners cast circles in many ways.

The following is a well-defined step on the procedure to casting a magic circle.

1. Find a flat, quiet open space where you won’t be disturbed.
2. Indicate the four cardinal directions using a compass.
3. Place a simple representation of each of the four elements at each corresponding point around the circle, in the appropriate order: Earth/north, Air/east, Fire/south, and Water/west.
4. Stand facing east, in the center of the circle. Relax and envision the wind whipping around you and get really in tune with the element of air. And then simply make the utterance “Spirits of Air, I call on you.”
5. Turn to the south still in a relaxed state, envision the crackling flames and the noonday sun. Once you feel relax and tune with fire make the utterance “Spirits of Fire, I call on you.”
6. While maintaining the same fix position, turn to the west, envision flowing water in waves and waterfalls and streams, possibly moving around your body. When you feel attuned with water, say, “Spirits of Water, I call on you.”
7. Turn to the north. Conjure up the scent of the earth after it rains. Imagine the silence and darkness of a cave and the rooted feeling of being barefoot on the earth. When you feel attuned, say, “Spirits of Earth, I call on you.”
8. Still facing north, become aware of your feet and send a column of light deep into the core of the Earth. Bring golden white light up from the center of the earth and into your body. Say, “Mother Earth, I call on you.”
9. Next, send branches or a column of light up from the crown of your head, out of the earth’s atmosphere and into the Infinite Cosmos. Bring golden white light down from the Cosmos and down into your body. Say, “Father Sky, I call on you.”
10. Feel protected and contained on all sides, as well as from above and below. Feel gratitude for this Divine support and say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you. The circle is cast. Blessed be.”

Now you can sit in the center of your circle and meditate or work your magic. When you’re done with the ritual, don’t forget to thank each element as well as the earth and cosmos.

This is just one amongst many other ritual processes, which will be discussed in subsequent articles. In the meantime, I hope you have a touch of knowledge concerning rituals and spells.