Spell Casting

Spell Casting

What is a spell?

In ancient pagan communities the elders, or wise ones, had, by
their very experience, an awareness of custom and a firm grasp of
what had previously worked when trying to gain control over
Mother Nature and other powers they did not fully understand. They
had access to certain knowledge (and therefore power) that was not readily available to the ordinary individual.

The ancients recognized that words spoken in a certain way according to
custom seemed to have more of an effect than those spoken on the spur of the moment. As a consequence, their words would have more power, yet the same
words spoken by the uninitiated or those who did not understand did not seem to have the same result.

There are three important aspects when reciting a spell. The first is that words spoken with intensity and passion do have a power all of their own.
The next is that the speaker also has a power and an energy which, with
practice, he or she may learn to use effectively. The third component, the forces
and powers belonging to that which is ‘beyond the human being’ also have a tremendous power and are called upon, used or directed for a specific purpose. The use of all three of these aspects gives a very powerful spell indeed.


There are several kinds of spell, each of which requires a different approach:

Love spells

Many people, when thinking of spells, think of love spells – ways of making
another person find them sexually attractive and desirable. In theory, love spells
should be unconditional and this type should be entirely unselfish and free from self-interest. However, most of the time they obviously cannot be so, unless they are performed by a third party, someone outside the longed-for relationship who is totally dispassionate.
To try to influence someone else directly may well go against the ethics of many practitioners and magicians, though such spells do tend to be the stock-
in-trade of many Eastern practitioners. Anyone who wishes to experiment
with love spells needs to be aware that such spells come under the heading of
bidding spells and therefore must be used carefully. Love spells are often
accompanied by gifts or love philtres which are also meant to have an effect on the recipient.

Bidding spells

These are spells where the spell-maker commands a particular thing to happen,
but without the co-operation of those involved. Trying to make someone do something which they do not want to do, or which goes against their natural
inclination, obviously requires a great deal of power and energy and can
possibly misfire, causing the originator of the spell a good deal of difficulty.
For this reason it is wise to preface such spells with words to signify that the
outcome will only be in accord with the Greater Good – that is, that in the
overall scheme of things no-one will be harmed in any way whatsoever. This
ensures that the intent behind the spell is of the purest and that there is not any maliciousness within the practitioner. This does mean that an able and
responsible practitioner must choose their words carefully, even when they are not casting a spell.
One type of bidding spell that is allowable is when a curse or ‘hex’ is being removed. A hex is a spell that ill-wishes someone and in many cases binds the recipient in some way. A curse is a spell with a much more generalized effect.
To remove such a negative spell, it is usual to turn it around and send the malign energy back to the person who summoned it in the first place. You simply command the energy to return from whence it came.


These might be counted either as prayers or spells and need a passionate
concentration on bringing, for instance, peace of mind or healing to the
recipient. They hold no danger for the practitioner but are sometimes more difficult to appreciate since they tend to be more general than other types of magical work. They may be thought of in terms of a positive energy from beyond the practitioner being channelled towards a specific purpose.
Saying Grace is a form of blessing preceded by an offer of praise and a
prayer of thankfulness, an acknowledgement of a gift. The food is enhanced
by the act and the blessing is given by drawing on the power vested in the knowledgeable expert. Thus one practitioner may call on the Nature Gods whereas another might call on the power of Jesus Christ.

Healing spells and charms

Within this type of spell it is wise to go beyond the presenting symptoms and to
ask for healing on all levels of existence – physical, mental and spiritual – because
the practitioner may not have the knowledge or correct information to enable
him to diagnose a condition correctly. The natural energies and specific vibrations are enhanced by invocations, incantations and blessings wherever appropriate.
Frequently, objects such as crystals are charged with energy and power to focus healing or other energies in a quite specific way, often to remind the patient’s body of its own ability to heal itself.


This calls on what is believed to be the ultimate source of power, which differs
from spell to spell. Quite literally, it calls up that power and asks for permission
to use this influence for a stated purpose. Meddling with this power and calling up negative forces is extremely unwise and very foolish.

Spells for selfish personal power or to gain power over others will often backfire on the unwary and may cause damage to the individual who casts
them. Invocations of positive forces can do no harm except that the results can sometimes be highly disconcerting due to the sheer energy created, although the eventual outcome may be good.

The Incantation

This type of spell prepares the magical worker and his helpers for further
work by heightening their awareness. It does not set out to call up the powers, but appeals to gods, goddesses, powers of nature and so on for help.
Chanting, prayer and hymns are in many ways incantations, particularly when the intent is stated with some passion. An incantation is often very
beautiful and rhythmic. Music has always been an efficient way of heightening awareness and altering states of consciousness.


Want to try something?

  • CHOOSE a person in your life who you really care about. Think about the relationship, and how you would like it to be better? Write this down, and then look at the SPELLS lesson to choice which spell you would like to try with them!