wiccan witchcraftWitchcraft Year 1

A complete 1st Year degree in the craft

Includes a Certificate of Completion from BWC School of Witchcraft on completion.

The release of Witchcraft Year 1 may not please everyone as it contains the entirety of the Online Witchcraft Year 1 Course, at 1/20th the fee. Many who are on that course like the idea of the lessons being released once a month and the fact that students are encouraged to take an entire year over what amounts to the equivalent of a coven First Degree. This book will be seen by some to negate the value of this approach as students can now go through the whole thing in a matter of days. And to be fair, this is, of course, a danger. However, those that do this will have gained little. Wicca is not a thing to be hurried and in a world of “instant everything”, stands firmly against the mainstream of popular Western Culture.

This book is not intended to allow students to crib and become Witches in a week. Rather, it has been made available in the hope that it will provide a useful complimentary resource to the On-line offerings. No longer will students have to resort to printing off the web pages and re-format them in a word-processor. The book’s organization also means that students will be easily able to revisit areas that they wish to look at again.

The First Degree Program includes:

  1. General Beliefs, Practices and History
  2. The Goddess and God of the Witches
  3. Ceremonial Basics
  4. Magical Tools and Garb
  5. The Art of Magic
  6. Esbats and Moon Magic
  7. The Lesser Sabbats, Part One: The Solstices
  8. The Lesser Sabbats, Part Two: The Equinox
  9. The Greater Sabbats, Part One: Imbolg and Beltane
  10. The Greater Sabbats, Part Two: Lughnasadh and Samhain
  11. Wiccan Beliefs about the Levels of Being
  12. Self Dedication, Initiation and some Final Thoughts

“I have to admit that, when I started my exploration of the Wiccan Way, this book wasn’t the first on my list. I went through several other beginner’s guides before finally ending up with BWS’s work, and I definitely wish I’d come across it sooner.
Witchcraft Year 1 – A Wiccan Series, makes an excellent portrayal of the core philosophy of Wicca. Truly, if you have any questions about the religion and practice of Wicca, it won’t take you long to find your answers. Possibly the greatest aspect of BWS’s book, however, is that over half of it teaches through demonstration. If you’ve just started on the Wiccan Way, I highly recommend this book to round out your beginner’s training and start you towards greater wisdom.”
– Sarah, Utah.

Would you like a Certificate of Completion for this course?

BWC School of Witchcraft offers dedicated students, a Certification of Completion for these books/degrees:
Witchcraft Year 1 (A complete 1st Year degree in the craft)
Witchcraft Year 2 (A complete 2nd Year degree in the craft)

You can receive a registered and personally numbered Certificate of Completion in Witchcraft Studies.

“This was very helpful. In plain language and easy to understand instructions, I feel very prepared for the next steps in my journey.”

– Edwin, BWC Warlock.


“It seems to be a well conceived introduction to Wicca, I look forward to reading more of BWS’s work”

– Fatima, UK.