An Expanded Companion to the Tarot Illuminati

This e-book is an extension of what is introduced in the shorter companion book that is available with the Tarot Illuminati boxed kit. Throughout, you will find hands-on exercises and practices designed to help you learn more about the cards on a personal level. Discover the traditional symbolism and the more intricate or occult associations of the cards with a practice called Making Light Work. With the images, symbolism, and spread ideas explored in an in-depth manner, you will enter into this evocative deck’s world of light, realization, and truth.


This book has such a massive amount of knowledge about tarot in it that it is well worth it, and then some. Kim Huggens has an extensive amount of knowledge about tarot, and a very creative way to give insight to the cards. I highly recommend this book for the tarot illuminati deck, or to use with any deck that uses the RWS style deck. This book is packed with history of the cards, meanings, and a very creative way to look at the Tarot Illuminati deck.