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Imbolg and Beltane

Imbolg and Beltane are two of the most important times of year on the Wiccan & Pagan calendar. Learn how you can celebrate these special times with prayer, rituals, cakes, and celebrations.

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The Equinoxes.

the equinox Year 1 The Equinoxes. In this book you will learn about the two annual equinoctial celebrations: Ostara & Mabon. Learn how to set your altar, food to prepare, and fun craft activities too! Want to know more? The equinoxes represent a key time in the tide of life, for in the spring the days will continue to get longer and warmer, whilst in autumn they will get shorter and colder. Ostara Eostre or Ostara is the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring to whom offerings of cakes and colored eggs were made at the Vernal Equinox. Rabbits were sacred...

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The Goddess & Gods of the Witches

Are the Gods and Goddess real? That depends on how you define reality. In Wicca, and Paganism, each of the Goddess and Gods represents an ideal, a human quality, something we as people can relate to, something to engender our passions. Learn how to connect to your God or Goddess of choice with Practice

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Magical skill development

Sometimes newcomers have unrealistic expectations and will attempt to rely on magic to find their way through life. This book will help you layer upon your growing knowledge – to become a powerful Wiccan witch.

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Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Taurus

crescent moon buttonTaurus sign glyph symbol

Moon is traveling through comfy Taurus today. Eat something you love. Have a second serving.

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