Did you know that throwing a piece of Cypress on the grave of your loved ones will bring them luck and love?

Cunninghams Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs says the following about Cypress:

Cypress should be used at times of crisis, especially at the death of a friend or relative. It eases the mind and allays grief if worn or carried to funerals.

The tree is quite protective when grown near the home and boughs of cypress are used in protective and blessing capacities.

Since the cypress is the symbol of eternity and immortality, the wood has long been carried to lengthen life.

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Ritual Uses:

Cypress is often found in grave yards throughout the Mediterranean because of it’s association with solace and comfort.

The ancient Minoans worshipped the cypress as a divine symbol, and spread the cult to Cyprus from Crete.

Cypress wood was used to make coffins in Egypt.

Also used in invocations to the gods. The root and cones of the cypress are also healing, as is the greenery when dried and burned as incense.

To make a healing wand of cypress:

Slowly cut, over a three-month period, a branch from a cypress tree. This is known as a “healing stock” and should be used only in healing rituals.

Make passes over the sick person, touch the afflicted area and then plunge the tip into a fire to cleanse.

Other Important Facts on Cypress:

Folk Name: Tree of Death

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth

Deities: Mithras, Pluto, Aphrodite, Ashtoreth, Artemis, Apollo, Cupid, Jupiter, Hekat, Hebe, Zoroaster

Powers: Longevity, Healing, Comfort, Protection

Cypress Oils in Magick:

Cypress oil is a very good oil for combating grief or helping with difficult transitions between one life style to another.

It’s a useful oil to anoint pink candles with, if you are performing magic to help heal an other.

Cypress also offers good psychic protection, so carry a few drops on a tissue in your pocket if you feel you are venturing into situations where you will come under psychic attack or you feel your reserves will be depleted by severe negative energy.  Inhale the fragrance frequently to fortify your reserves.

Home Healing Uses with Cypress:

cypress oil

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