Magick Power Course


Title: Magick Power course
Description: How to Create Your Own Destiny & Always Get What You Want Instantly!


“I’m writing to thank you for saving my relationship. I was completely new to this kind of stuff, before buying your course and had only spent a few $100s in various spell casters without any results…

Once I applied one of your secrets I quickly felt more confident, energetic and got an amazing inner feeling I can’t describe with words!!!

After using your methods for 2 weeks, I managed to get back my ex exactly as you say it without having to run for him, beg him or do anything stupid!

Marry F., Arizona, US”


Here’s a snapshot of each of the 11 modules inside the Magick Power course…

Module #1: Introduction

This is a short, but precious intro to the BEST magick course available online and offline!

Get all the details about this unique course, tip and tricks to make it work for you BEST and also learn everything You Need to know before getting started!

Module #2: The Basics of Magick

Even if this is the first day in your life you heard about magick, even if you never knew that this is real, this module will take you by the hand and learn you all the basics you must know!

  • What is Magick?
  • How Magick works?
  • The Subconscious Mind
  • Explanation of Basic Terms
  • Types of Magick
  • The True Will
  • The Worlds of Magick
  • Elements & Forces
  • Psychic Phenomena
  • Meditation
  • Spirits
  • and MUCH MORE!!

Module #3: Advanced Magick

In this module you’ll be entering the realm of Advanced Magick…

Here’s a few of the secrets revealed…

  • How to be able to Wield Supreme Mystical Power…

    I’m talking about the Power to Magically Draw Everything You Want Directly to You!!

  • Attain Supreme Magickal States of Higher-Consciousness

    These are the states of consciousness needed for Your Magick to Always work and Always Bring You the Desired Results!

  • Skyrocket Your Magick Power

    That’s Right! In fact, I might didn’t use the right word…which is ‘Explode’ Your Magick Power!

  • How to Create Your Own Artificial Elementals

    Learn How to Create them and use them like Invisible Watchers and observers. Also if you like You can use them as Psychic guards or for Healing…

  • How to Cast Powerful Revenge Spells!

    Find out How to Put a Magickal Spell On those Who Have Harmed You…and Sit Back and Watch and Watch them Suffer Their Unfortunate Fate…GET YOUR REVENGE!!!

  • How to Develop Extraordinary Psychic Powers!

    Gain the Secrets to Develop Your Own Psychic Powers or Improve those You Already Have!

  • How to Develop an “Out-Of-This-World-Intuition”!

    This is an Essential skill for Magick, but also for Life!

  • How to Open Your 3rd Eye!

    Several Advanced Spells require the use of the 3rd Eye…

    In fact, You will be Able to Cast Powerful Magickal Spells by using Your 3rd Eye and the Power of Your Mind Alone! No Herbs, No Chanting, No Altars…Nothing!

  • Increase Your Energy the Easy Way!

    Increase Your Physical, Mental, and Psychic Energy with the Secrets of Magick Power…Do it the Easy Way without countless rituals and ceremonies!

Module #4: Love & Sex Magick!

Here’s what you’ll be able to achieve in your love life by using the secrets inside the Magick Power course…


  • Get Together with the Person You love Fast!

    Even if he/she doesn’t pay any attention to you or DOESN’T EVEN Know You Exist!

  • How to Stop Break ups, even if it’s seems late!

    That’s Right! Stop Breaking Up even if it seems totally impossible!

  • How to Stop Your Divorce…

    Even if it’s Your Fault, Even if You’re the One to Blame, Even if You Cheated on Your Husband or Wife!

  • Easily Find A New Lover…

    Yeah, and Do it Fast! Never Again Stay without a Lover for More than 1-2 Weeks!

  • Get Back Your Ex Fast!

    You’ll be surprised by How Fast He or She will Return without Calling, Crying and Trying to Make Him/Her Return!

  • Instantly Overcome Shyness…

    Feel 100% Confident to Do Anything You Like!

  • Gain the Attention Of Someone…

    Use this Secret to Gain the Attention of ANYONE You Desire, Even if He or She has his/her Back Turned On You!

    Your Friends will be Amazed by this NEWLY Discovered Power of Yours!

  • Bring Back A Lost Love…!

    Even if it’s Been Years, You Can Bring Back that Lost Love Now using one of these Secrets!

  • Tame An Unfaithful Lover…

    Make him/her Faithful to You Forever or for As Long As You Wish…You’re in Control Now!

  • Quickly Get Rid Of Him Or Her…

    Make Him/Her Stop Bothering You, Stop Calling You 10 Times a Day!


One of the MOST sought-after components of Magick for obvious reasons…You’ll be transformed Easily to a God of Sex having the following unbelievable abilities…

  • Choose Exactly Who YOU Want To Have Sex With!

    Change their will…Make them want to have sex with you like crazy, even if they were disgusted with the idea in the past!

  • No one will be able to resist the Force of Your…MAGICK POWER!!

    This feeling alone worth 100 times more the price of the whole Magick Power course…and I’m sure you’ll agree when you start feeling it!

  • YOU Will Be able to Automatically Mystically Project SEXUALLY AROUSING Images of Influence and Persuasion into Other People’s Minds with Your Secret Magick Power!!!
  • Get Hot Streams of Passion in Your Love Life!

    Is your sex life dead after 20 years of marriage or 5 years of a long-term relationship?

    If yes, what about making it Red-Hot almost Overnight with one of the Secrets included in Magick Power?

Module #5: Secret Magick for Personal Magnetism and Success

You’ll be able to literally Shape Your Reality in the Exact Way You Prefer…Here’s what You Can Achieve:

  • Boost your Physical Presence, Become Desirable and Extremely Attractive!

    Enjoy Great Success in Anything You Choose to Do!

  • Gain Unlimited Confidence to Achieve Your Goals!
  • Achieve Complete Success in Any Endeavour in Your Life!!
  • “Bend The Rules” To Your Advantage using this incredible Magickal Method!

Module #6: Money & Wealth Magick

  • How to Get More Money than You Ever Thought Possible!

    That’s Right! You thought you would never be able to have an XXXXX amount of money…?

    Now, you’ll have it with Your Magick Power!

  • How to Suddenly Have More Money or Get the Money You Need Fast!

    Whatever is your situation, you’ll be able to get the money you need fast without doing rituals for weeks!

  • The Secret Magickal Method to get Wealthy!

    Since the ancient times, there has never been a more Guaranteed Way to become Wealthy…Mystics of today still use this to build their wealth!

  • Get Rid of Your Debt & be Financially Independent FOREVER!

    This is the simplest and most important Money Magick Secret you will want to Use Right Now.

  • Get the job of Your Dreams!

    Yeah! And do it Fast without waiting for Years for the opportunity to come…

  • Get a New Employment Opportunity!

    If a job and I mean ANY job is what You desperately Need Right Now, then You’ll be able to get it within 1-2 Weeks with this Secret…

Module #7: Magick for Luck

  • How to be More Lucky!

    That’s Simple – if More Luck is What You Desire, You’ll Get it Fast! Others Will NOT Want to Play Games of Luck with You after they Taste Your Magickal Luck!!

  • Gain Unlimited Lottery and Gambling Luck!

    What about the Lottery? Or are you a Gambler? If yes, I won’t promise that you’ll win every time, but You’ll Definitely Become MUCH MORE Lucky with this Secret…

  • How to Change Your Luck Almost Instantly!

    Do you suffer from Bad Luck lately?

    You will be able to Change Your Luck Once and For ALL within a few days, using this secret for just 15-20 minutes a day!

  • How to Influence the Luck of Others!

    Need to Send a ‘Bad Luck’ Vibe to Others? Or Make your loved one be More Lucky? Or Even Win?

    You will be able to do It

Module #8: Magick for Health

  • How to Get Fit!

    I don’t claim that you’ll be able to get fit without any effort, but you’ll be able to achieve much better results faster with your newly acquired Magick Power!

  • How to Lose as Much Weight as You Wish Easily & Fast!

    Losing weight is easy if you can control your mind and self, but even the best subliminal methods out there, require effort from your part and do not always work…Guess what?

    Magick can make you effortlessly control your appetite…You won’t feel hungry and you won’t want to eat the foods that make you fat…You’ll also be able to lose your weight much faster, to burn your unwanted fat much much faster, too!

  • Acquire Super Radiant Health…

    That’s Right! And Do it right from the very first few days!

  • Heal Pain in Yourself and Others!

    You’ll be able to heal pain in yourself and any other person you like even if he or she is 1000s of miles away…!!

  • Gain the Power to Cure at Will!

    That’s in fact one of my top secrets…

    Yes, you can get the power to heal at will!

  • Give Yourself A Trimmer, Healthier, Better-Looking Body

    I’m talking about long lasting results here!

  • Become more relaxed Almost Instantly!

    You’ll achieve total relaxation right from the first 10-20 minutes you start using just ONE of my secrets!

  • How to Make the Stress Disappear Almost Overnight!

    That’s Right! In just 2-3 days you’ll be able to kiss stress goodbye and enjoy a more relaxed stress-free lifestyle!

  • Get Rid of Stress and Possibly Depression…

    You’ll definitely become happier and could even overcome depression with one of these secrets…

  • Gain Perfect Mental Health!
  • Cast a Powerful Magickal Spell to Discover True Happiness!

Module #9: Magick for Advanced Protection

  • Keep Yourself and Your Home Safe!
  • Get Rid of the Negative Energy that Brings You Only Unfortunate Events with these simple and quick protection spells

Module #10: Magick for Better Relationships

  • Make More Friends!
  • Heal a Relationship!
  • Find a Lost Friend!

Module #11: Additional Magickal Secrets

  • Sell Your Home!
  • Find Your New Home!
  • Pass Your Exams!
  • Get into the Course!

The life that you want is waiting for you … and I’m going to show you how to grab it with both hands…


To your success,

Mystic X.






“I must admit, I was a bit sceptic in the beginning…because everyone seems to promise the same things over and over again in the occult without delivering even one tenth of what promised, but your course is different.

I have been practicing magick for more than 6 months now without any results and a little secret explained in module #3 was the one that made my spells work!

I can’t wait to use the rest of them, and yeah there’s ton of info waiting to be exploited…

I really can’t thank you enough for showing me how to make magick work for me and for those I love!

Dan S., Canada”


“Thank you so much Mystic X. I understand what you mean… I have analyze your mind power courses as most effective, practical and really works…Pls. continue this program. I believe many will benefit to this. I have a friend to refer in your website to purchase the course. I will not share mine because I bought this personally and I am just learning the skills at the moment. I’ll keep in touch.

Actually, I have another miracle just happened this morning. I am thinking of my old friend in college ten years back, Surprisingly, she came this morning at home from California. Amazing…

Again, many, many thanks guys and more power…

Luis B., Philippines”