Learn Witchcraft

BWC Education Pathways & Courses

BWC & BWC Learn Spells offers you various pathways to learn witchcraft. You should choose the path in which you feel the most comfortable right at this moment. People who are interested in learning about alternative arts and religions must be willing to take the time to understand what they are moving towards. We hope, that by offering 3 main pathways, you the student, can make interesting and stress free progress into learning about witchcraft.

The BWC Pathways into Magick

Step 1: You must learn the basics before you advance into more complex and highly emotionally charged work. Everyone must come into the BWC Pathway via learning one of these methods:
  1. Wiccan Witchcraft
  2. Traditional Witchcraft – Non Wiccan Witchcraft
  3. Hoodoo Witchcraft
Step 2: For Wiccan Witches – Stage 3 involves starting your own coven or joining another wiccan coven For Traditional Witches – You will take an elective course and continue. This may include studying Chaos magick or Black Magick. For Hoodoo Witchcraft – You may wish to look into becoming a rootworker. For more information – Contact Lady Hannah

Free Courses

Basic Magick Course – Free Course Learn the Runes Tea Leaf Reading – Free DIY Course Learn Hoodoo Witchcraft  – Video Course (Non Pathway course)

Divination Courses

Palm Reading Numerology Tea Leaf Reading – Free DIY Course

Connection & Awareness Courses

Astral Projection Course Aura Awareness Course ESP Course

Mediation for Witches Course

Spiritual Warfare Course – Best Selling Mediation course for witches with Black Witch S