The power of Clear Quartz Crystal

A personal share ……

My daughter has always been a sensitive soul, and quite introverted. Like many introverts who struggle to speak on how they feel, they are prone to depression and have passive aggressive tendencies. She hates to upset anybody, and rarely spoke her mind. Of course the opposite side to a person to never speak how they feel, is a huge emotional outburst that seems to come out of the blue for anyone who knows the person. It was hard to watch her struggle to cope with what I felt was simple every day issues.

So, for her 21st birthday in April 2016, I included a stunning Clear Quartz Crystal Necklace with her birthday gifts. It was truly a statement piece. When I was buying the stone, I took my time to ensure I brought a stone that was going to connect to her needs. As a mother, I only hoped that I knew my daughter well enough to choose the right stone to help her emotionally.

It was only yesterday that I asked her about how she felt when she wore her crystal neck lace. Her face completely lit up, and she held her hand to her neck lace and said to me and my grandmother, “I completely love this necklace. If I take it off, I feel like something is missing. It’s too depressing to take it off.”

As a mother, of course I was happy that she enjoyed wearing her birthday gift. But what made my heart sing, was the knowledge that this stone was helping my daughter achieve self-confidence, happiness, an personal strength. She no longer suffered with the need to hide in her room away from the world, and sit computer games all day. This year she has enrolled in a college course, started a full time job, and joined the local gym.

I Share this with you today because I’m so proud of her transformation. I also hope others are inspired to utilise the benefits that crystals and Gem Stones  have on our emotions. These are natures gifts.

Blessed be,

Lady Dawn

Clear Quartz

This pyramid carved of quartz crystal is a great tool for channeling energy and helping to balance that is within and without

What is Clear Quartz Crystal?

Clear Quartz Crystal: Planet/Moon & Sun; zodiac sign/All of them; chakra/harmonizes all the chakras & aligns the aura; energy/projective & receptive, or both masculine & feminine; element/Fire & Water.

Magickally speaking: clear quartz crystal is used in spells to enhance power; for weather magic- to bring rain; it’s used in the creation of magic wands for shamans, esteemed in the Native American traditions for its power; and is connected to the Goddess and full moon rituals by some Wiccan traditions. It is symbolic of spirit and the divine, and it is a wildly popular new-age stone.

Holistically speaking: Clear quartz crystal is considered a tremendously powerful energy generator; it’s believed to generate electromagnetism and to dispel static electricity; it regulates energy; heals karmic wounds; and is considered a master healer that covers almost any condition.