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Mabon Division: Minor Sabbat Other Names: Madron, Autumn Equinox, Harvest Home, Pagan Thanksgiving, Fall Equinox, Second Harvest, Festival of Dionysus, Wine Harvest, Alban Elfed, Cornucopia Southern Hemisphere Date: March 20-23...

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Division: Major Sabbat Other Names: Lammas, Lughnasad, Lugnassad, Lunasa, Lughnasa, Festival of Green Corn, First Harvest, Ceresalia, August Eve, Elembiuos, Feast of Cardenas Southern Hemisphere Date: Feb 2 Northern Hemisphere...

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Imbolc Division: Major Sabbat Other Names: Imbolq, Olmeic, Candlemas, Brigits Day, Bride Day, Disting-tid, Feast of Brigid, Festival of Light, Feast of the Virgin, Festival of Milk, Anagantios, Feast Day of St. Blaize. Southern...

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Division: Major Sabbat Other Names: Witch’s New Year, Summer’s End, All Hallow’s Even, Halloween, Day of the Dead, Festival of Spirits, Third Harvest, Celtic New Year, Fesival of Pamona, Vigil of Saman. Southern Hemisphere Date:...

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ATHAME: (pronounced “a-thAM-ay” or “ATH-a-may”) Many Witches own one or more ritual knives. These are commonly known as “athames” in Wiccan circles. In the Scottish traditions, the knife is...

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Starting from the left of the picture we have the symbol of the Horned God,notice that the horns are Moon-shaped, emphasizing a connection with the Goddess. Above this is the upside down triangle of the First Degree, which is...

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Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Scorpio

crescent moon buttonScorpio sign glyph symbol

Moon is traveling through Scorpio. Beware of jealousy. Passions are easily aroused. Desire is in the air. It's all or nothing, now. Love or hate, no middle ground. It's poker-face time.

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