How to get rid of an annoying neighbor

How to get rid of an annoying neighbor

To Get Rid of a Troublesome Neighbor

Most of us have had an annoying neighbor at one point or another. From loud noise late at night, to their bad language in front of our kids, we just want them to drive away one morning and not return ever!

So what can we do about the annoying neighbours? Firstly, try the “NICE” options:

NICE options are:

  • Notice boards – Sites like Neighbors From Hell have message boards where people discuss their issues and help each other. This one’s free to view and is full of common issues and good advice, but registering will cost $50 if you want to ask about a unique problem. If you just want to vent, try sites like
  • Issue documentation – When an issue comes up, start keeping notes – times, dates, and photos if necessary. This can help in three ways. First, it helps you evaluate the seriousness of the problem: Looking at it on paper, you may realize it’s not as big a deal or you might see a solution. Second, you have info to back you up when you explain the situation to your neighbor. And finally, if push comes to shove, good record-keeping can show authorities you’re serious and organized, not emotional and whiny.
  • Call the Cops – If you’ve acted in good faith with no success, involving the police is the next step. You can explain the situation and show how you’ve tried to work it out and kept notes, but realize they probably can’t do much unless a law or ordinance is being broken. This is for things like excessive noise and illegal activity, not a tree limb hanging into your yard. Nonetheless, a police presence might show your neighbor that you aren’t going to let the problem go.
  • Entertain – If you are throwing a party at your place, go to all neighbors who might be affected and offer them two things: a verbal invitation to the party and a card with your phone number. If the noise escalates or there is another problem, your neighbor can call you instead of the police.

So if you have read these NICE options and you have either exhausted that list already, or your neighbors are beyond these strategies, let’s look at magic!


Witchcraft Knot Spell

To rid yourself of problems or a troublesome situation, you can use a representation of the problem in a tangled and knotted length of yarn. There are then differing ways of getting rid of the problem.

This spell is best done at the time of the Full Moon and is in two parts.

You will need



(including candles and a purification oil)


Method – Part One

Your string needs to be biodegradable because it reinforces the idea that your problems will dissolve. The string or yarn can be in the appropriate colour for the problem to be solved (green for money, red for love, etc).


  1. Sit quietly and think of all your fears and problems. Let them pass into the yarn.
  2. Tie this in knots to symbolize how mixed up your problems makes you feel.

One way of dealing with your difficulties is to take the knotted yarn to a high place and let the wind blow it away, along with your negativity.

A second way is to bury the yarn in soft ground, though this method will mean that the resolution of your problems may come slowly.

A third way is to begin to untie the knots and as you do so ask for help in seeing and understanding solutions.

This last method does not have to be done all at once but can be done over time.


Method – Part Two

Whichever method you use make sure you take a ritual bath or shower cleansing after working with the string.

You need a candle to represent yourself, a black candle to signify the negativity and one other in the colour of your choice to suggest your life without problems.


  1. Anoint the candles with a purification or blessing oil.
  2. Anoint the black candle from the end to the wick to remove bad luck.
  3. The others are done from the wick to the end to bring you what you desire.
  4. Have your ritual bath as usual.


Hoodoo Spells to Remove a Neighbor

  1. Light a black candle and dress with castor oil.
  2. Write the neighbor’s name on a piece of paper and the word “goodbye”.
  3. Place the paper under the candle.
  4. Mix powdered mud daubers nest with graveyard dirt and throw it at the neighbor’s front door.
  5. Return to your candle
  6. Recite psalms 74, 101, and 109 three times each and let the candle burn out.

If you have tried a method that works for you, we would love to know!


  1. The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook
  2. 12 Steps to Dealing With Bad Neighbors

Make your own magical oils – 6 great recipes

Make your own magical oils – 6 great recipes

Magical oils are used in two ways. They can be used for either ‘anointing’ and ‘dressing.’
  • Anointing means to rub the oil on yourself, another individual, or even an animal.
  • Dressing means to rub the oil on a candle, mojo bag, talisman, or other inanimate object.

The methods used for using oils will vary according to the person doing the work. Therefore, there is no true right or wrong way to use the magic oils.
The directions below are merely a guide and you are encouraged to find what works best for you.

  • If you are anointing yourself or another for the purpose of taking off hexes, banishing illness, or spiritual cleansing, rub the body downward beginning at the head and ending at the foot. Then rub down the arms, out at the hands; and finally down the legs and out the feet and toes.
  • If you are anointing yourself or another to bring in desired conditions, draw love, money, or luck, rub the entire body upwards from the soles of the feet towards the armpits, then from palms of hands to armpits, then up over the head to the mould of the head.

6 great magic oil recipes

1)  Attraction Oil 

Use Attraction oil to attract anything that you desire. 

Lodestones, as natural magnets, have been used for centuries within magick to attract positive forces and repel bad luck.

2)  High John the Conqueror Root Oil 

Use this High John oil for power, mastery, and money.

  • Olive Oil (carrier oil)
  • Clove Essential Oil
  • Whole High John Root (small)
  • High John Root Powder/Chips
  • Cinnamon Powder

3)  Love Me Tender Oil

Use this oil to draw a new love or take a casual relationship to a new level.

  • Grapeseed Oil (carrier)
  • Vanilla Essential Oil
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • Dill Seed
  • Coriander Leaves
  • Cinnamon Chips

4)  Purple Power Same-Sex Oil

Use to attract a gay lover

  • Olive Oil (carrier)
  • 12 Lavender Buds
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil

5)  Trinka-Five Oil For drawing money and prosperity

  • Almond Oil (carrier)
  • Mint Leaves
  • 3 Whole Allspice
  • Thyme
  • Cinnamon Chips

6)  Wishing Well Oil

Use this formula to make wishes come true.

  • Grapeseed Oil (carrier)
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • Whole Dandelion Root
  • Sandalwood
  • Drawing Powder


Magickal Herbs: Basil

Magickal Herbs: Basil

Magickal Uses:

  • Money Magick
  • Love Spells
  • Protections Spells
  • Offerings to deities

Who does love the herb Basil? It smells great. It tastes great. It is easy to grow. And cheap to buy. But it also has amazing magical properties.

Basil has strong ties to money, love, flying, and protection. It is said that if you lay a spring of basil in someone’s hand you can tell if they are promiscuous or virtuous. If the spring withers immediately the person is promiscuous.

Basil is also said to bring lovers together and sooth tempers. It is used in a variety of love divination and love spells. Rubbing Basil on the skin is said to act as an instant “Love Perfume”. Oh la la!!

Basil is also used to attract customers to a place of business, and money to your wallet… or for modern purposes, your bank account. It is sprinkled around the home for protection, and said to be the juice of choice. Witches would drink fresh Basil juice before they would fly.

Basil grown in a shop is said to reflect the health of the business. If the Basil is well cared for and grows, the business will also grow and profit. It is also said that when Basil is hung above a shop keeper’s door it will attract good fortune to their place of business.

Used for Centuries Around The World

Basil, once believed by the Greeks to have the power to aid in divination, once was used as a means to detect witches. One of the more popular methods employed by the ancient Greeks was to simply name out suspected witches while Basil was being burned. When it made a crackling sound as a name was called, it suggested who was practicing witchcraft.

The ancient Hebrews used Basil for courage and strength while other middle eastern cultures used it as an herb of mourning.

The ancient Roman’s, however, had quite a different take on Basil. The Romans used Basil as a means to curse their enemies. One of their rituals was to curse their enemies as they sowed the seeds. They believed that the more you mistreated the herb, the better it would grow. To ensure a good crop, one was to curse the herb and pray to the gods that the herb would not grow.

In India, on the other hand, both Basil and Holy Basil have is associations to Vishnu and Krishna. It is considered to be a sacred herb and is kept in the home to protect against Evil. It is also believed to have wonderful healing properties. Not only is basil used for it’s medicinal properties, it is commonly prayed to.

When it comes to love, Basil also served many purposes. A husband could find out if his wife was unfaithful by having her hold a sprig of basil. If the leaves shriveled, the woman was believed to have been unfaithful. Another common belief maintained that if you smelled basil, you would attract a new lover.

And another popular myth that suggested if a young maiden wanted a husband, she merely had to plant some basil and in a years times a new suitor would show up.

In Santeria, Basil can be for purification and luck baths. It is also widely used as a fumigating herb, known to remove spirits from a home. Mixed with passion flower, it can be made into a powerful cleansing bath. It is also commonly used in a number of sacred objects and talismans.

basil in magic spells

Use of Basil in spells:

Basil Tea:

  • Improve your psychic abilities
  • Heal your relationship after an arguement


Purification Spray:

  • Simmer cut lemon and fresh basil in water. When cooled and added to a spray bottle, it can be used to clean sacred objects, candles, altars, spaces, the work environment, etc.


Purification Bath:

  • Mix basil, eucalyptus and rosemary into some epsom or kosher salt. Add 3 tablespoons of this mixture into your bath. To banish bad habits or negative energy, perform a spiritual bath by lighting two black candles at each side of the tub. Mix the salt mixture into a warm bucket of water and pour over your body, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.


To remove negative spirits from the home:

  • Mix basil, rue, hyssop and myrrh and grind to a powder. Burn over a charcoal making sure you fumigated every corner of your home.
  • Banishing Incense or Banishing Bath (to remove negative people or bad habits)
  • Mix basil, pine, lemon peel and Devils Shoestring. Either grind to a powder and burn over charcoal for incense. Or Simmer in water for a bath wash.


Harmony, Love and Forgiveness Incense

  • Mix basil, marjoram, lavender and balm of gilead and grind them down to a powder. Burn over a charcoal in the center of the home. This same recipe can be used for reconciliation, particularly if you add a bit of violet.


To Draw in Money:

  • Carry a basil leaf in your wallet.
  • Simmer basil, cinnamon and chamomile. Once cool, use as a floor wash for your home and/ or business.


Basil Growing Tip:

Basil likes the heat and does not tolerate the cold well. It grows best in hot dry conditions.


Basil Money Spell

Try this basil money spell – Click Here



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Dark Moon – Voodoo & Blood Binding Spell

Dark Moon – Voodoo & Blood Binding Spell

Binding Spell

The purpose of this spell is to rid yourself of the negative energies of someone who is mentally or emotionally abusing you. If done properly, it will not harm the object of the spell nor will it affect his or her daily life in any way. It will simply make the person powerless to mentally or emotionally harm you.

Preform when Moon is dark


Small cloth doll,(poppet) leave the head unstitched until you are ready to begin the ritual Needle and thread

Some personal item from the person you want to bind (fingernail clippings, hair, handwriting sample)

Black ribbon

Black candle

Cauldron or other fireproof container

Sterilized needle

Piece of parchment paper and pen or quill

One candle at each quarter (optional)


Call the quarters – I like to use candles at each quarter to form a circle of fire for extra protection. Light the black candle Concentrating deeply on the person you are binding, place the personal object inside the head of the doll and sew it shut.

Tie the black ribbon around the poppet’s head, signifying the binding of that person.

moon blood spell

‘With harm to none, my will be done

I hereby bind you (name of person)

Your words cannot harm me

Your thoughts cannot harm me

You cannot harm me’

Continue chanting this or something like it until you feel power surging through you. Visualize the person helpless to slander or verbally and mentally abuse you while you are chanting.

~ Now, to bind the spell ~

If you have a sigil or a craft name, sign it on the small piece of paper. If not, sign your own full name. If others are working the ritual with you, they too should sign the paper.

With the sterilized needle, prick one of your fingers and put a small drop of blood over your signature. Again, if others are working with you, they should place a drop of blood over their signatures. (using a different needle, of course)

Fold the paper, light it on fire and drop it into the cauldron (which should be on a heat-proof surface!).

Meditate on the flames until the paper completely burns away.

If you are working with a group, join hands at this point and feel the power surging around the circle as the spell is bound. Ground and center

Release the circle. Thank the Goddess and God for their protection and power Bury the doll as far away from you as possible within the next few days.

Making a Voodoo Doll to Attract Love

How to Breath Life into a Voodoo Doll

I think the most important part of making a voodoo doll, is when you “bring the doll” to life!. You tell your baby – “Wake up, it’s time to go to work for me. I have something for you for you to do.”

When you create a voodoo doll to represent a person in a spell, you have to magically link it to the person whom it represents.

For example you can:

  • Sewing a hair of the person into it,
  • stuffing the person’s name-paper into its head,
  • gluing a photo of the person’s face on the voodoo face

Once the doll is complete, the doll must be told who it is!

I was taught how to do this years ago by a guy named “Arthur” in Sydney Australia. His father has brought him to Australia as a boy from Africa. The family were all practicing healers of sorts. He called this process or spell: “baptising the dollie.”

He held the voodoo doll in his left hand on its back, drew a cross over it in the air with his right index and middle finger (like a Christian blessing gesture), and then held his open, slightly cupped right hand, palm down, in the air over it, but not touching it, as he said:

[John Doe] you are,
[downward stroke of cross on name]
And [John Doe] to me
[cross-stroke of sross on name]
You will always be.
[hand pauses, then over dollie for next part]
You will think what i tell you to think,
Walk where i tell you to walk,
Talk when i tell you to talk,
Do what i tell you to,
Go where i send you,
And speak when you’re spoken to.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Another time when i asked this man to repeat the spell, he baptised the dollie with a different speech, spoken with more angry conviction:


[John Doe] you are,
[downward stroke of cross on name]
And [John Doe] to me
[cross-stroke of sross on name]
You will always be.
[hand pauses, then over dollie for next part]
From this time henceforward,
You will go where i send you …
And i’m gon’ send you to *Hell*
In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


Thus i came to understand that after the first three spoken lines with the drawing of the cross, he improvised or rapped the rest of the baptism depending upon the circumstances. There was no one set way he would say it, as there is among the German and British folks with their carefully memorized spoken rhymes.

I have adapted his form and i use it with success, modifying it on the spot as the need arises, to baptise both love-dolls and destruction dolls.

And speaking of love-dolls — that’s something many folks don’t know enough about, because the books on “spooky voodoo” focus mostly on sticking pins into dolls.

Several years ago, i was taught a very nice binding love-doll spell by a young woman. She baptised the voodoo doll by saying:

You are [John Doe],
in the name of the Father,
the Son,
and the Holy Ghost,

Then she wrapped it up in her soiled underpants and, as she did so, she talked very sweetly to it like this,


“[Johnny], honey, i’m gonna let you in my panties now.
That’s where you’re gonna stay. I’m gonna cover up your
eyes [covering doll’s head with the underwear] so you
can’t look at no other woman. You just gonna stay in
my panties, [Johnny], until i let you loose. “

The underwear was tied in a knot around the doll and the
doll hidden where the man could not find it. At intervals
she would take the doll out, she said, and kiss it,
sweet-talk to it, and rub it on her breasts to love it up.
Then she would re-wrap it in the underwear and put it away.

I hope this has given you some ideas on how to bring your voodoo dolls to life! If you have a different technque, please let me know.

I am also putting together a new Voodoo Doll lesson for 2015 right now, and it should be ready by Nov 1.

Blessed be,

Witch S.