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How to attend a Pagan festival for the first time

The Pagan festival season typically picks up between Beltane and Samhain, and as the chance to meet new people draws near, it’s never a bad idea to take a few minutes to look at things you should know ahead of time. From expectations of behavior to pre-planning, if you get an idea in advance of what’s going on, it will make your festival or event experience all the more enjoyable!

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Mabon Division: Minor Sabbat Other Names: Madron, Autumn Equinox, Harvest Home, Pagan Thanksgiving, Fall Equinox, Second Harvest, Festival of Dionysus, Wine Harvest, Alban Elfed, Cornucopia Southern Hemisphere Date: March 20-23...

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Division: Major Sabbat Other Names: Lammas, Lughnasad, Lugnassad, Lunasa, Lughnasa, Festival of Green Corn, First Harvest, Ceresalia, August Eve, Elembiuos, Feast of Cardenas Southern Hemisphere Date: Feb 2 Northern Hemisphere...

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Division: Major Sabbat Other Names: Beltane­­­, May Eve, May Day, Samradh,, Walpurgisnacht, Walpurgis Eve, Rudemas, Celtic Summer, Floralia, The Great Rite, Giamonios, Bhealltainn. Southern Hemisphere Date: Oct 31 Northern...

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Ostara Division: Minor Sabbat Other Names: Spring Equinox, Eostre, Vernal Equinox, Alban Eiber, Bacchanalia, Lady Day Southern Hemisphere Date: Sept 20-23 Northern Hemisphere Date: March 21 Associated Holiday: Easter Associated...

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Imbolc Division: Major Sabbat Other Names: Imbolq, Olmeic, Candlemas, Brigits Day, Bride Day, Disting-tid, Feast of Brigid, Festival of Light, Feast of the Virgin, Festival of Milk, Anagantios, Feast Day of St. Blaize. Southern...

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Division: Major Sabbat Other Names: Witch’s New Year, Summer’s End, All Hallow’s Even, Halloween, Day of the Dead, Festival of Spirits, Third Harvest, Celtic New Year, Fesival of Pamona, Vigil of Saman. Southern Hemisphere Date:...

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Division: Minor Sabbat Other Names: Winter Solstice, Midwinter, Sun Return, Alban Arthan, Pagan New Year, Saturnalia, Finn’s Day, Yuletide, Festival of Sol, Great Day of the Cauldron, Festival of Growth. Southern Hemisphere...

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